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 I really like you
 you little poo
 RIP :(
 This comment is permanent proof that you are a silly
 Wait, where's your mouth?
 Why you have to be so smug
 *deletes your fun*
 please put away your fun and stop having fun
 great job on finding that
 gib avatar source
 I won't let you do that you damn thief.
 Gawd you're back. I knew that rainbow I saw this morning was a sign for something awesomly good.
 Good point. Rock on.
 Oh boy, what am I even doing here, explain.
 Your back :D
 Thas' waisist
 pls dun die guardian
 Arh, sad...
 RIP in peace     
 Guardian nooooo. You can't be banned. Who will bully my waifu now?
 Ah well, didn't know you can get banned for saying Nigeria
 Ahhh what what what
 I wouldn't expect you to use racial slurs, so why did you? ._.
 I'll rock your dragon :B1:
 Guardian plz ;_;
 Whose cum?
 thats impossible silly
 i luv you :3
 so not late :3
 Beautiful art style, but you just can't beat qt.
 Fite mi 1v1
 Nope, I am just never spoken to. And I pop in from time to time, ignored in an absolution.
 Exactly guardian
 i'm sorry Guardiansmart but wreckinskrubs-sama is too powerful
 i forgot that you existed because you're a willy. lol also fuck your epic rap battles of history lyrics
 ask bach i've got more cock than smith & wesson
 sit down son
 dank in the bank
 Actually, no. Don't stop
 Stop having lewd avatars pls
 Ponytail Liz dabes
 Hi less cool version of anyone.
 aw your qt too :3
 im rael azn grl irl....
 Thank you :3
 It's hard to be scary when I have to compete with your face. #wrekt
 You're my favourite deputy.
 Thank you once again!
 Sekai Saionji is my waifu, k.
 No. Promise. Okay I might have lied a bit I'm a dirty whore, I'm sorry.
 it's not even christmas
 here, have a bigger one
 Nigga what? 16lettersormore.
 thank u for the botkiller - ur an amazing raffler :)
 That side pic
 But we will not talk about it. It's gone, but we shall never forget.
 and for every name change, we make another baby c:
 (Smile) :^) 16Char
 i cant add you can you add me so i can trade.
 never 4 get, smoke weed on school shooting april 20 2013-2013
 Indeed, that's where I actually got my name from.
 ye, well watch me put you into a nightmare.
 Best Wastelander i have seen needs a we need a medal for this guy
 nice getting to know you ;o
 yeah i asked him in skype it also seem that you been in a skype call with me in it
 :o you know undead ? What a small world
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