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 You know what this place needs? Scooe.
 Why are you so cool?
 You are a higher caliber of "cool" than I am, but we are both still cool.
 Still a cool person.
 who're you calling yourself copter
 rip was the best copter there ever was
 why would u steal your own passport??????
 Cool person
 Oh that's why you were familiar to me. I knew I've seen you somewhere. :o
 can you give me my win item?
 Haha. The color is called electric indigo. I just so happened to come across it on google when I was looking up random colors for my name on TF2R.
 Daily reminder I wrecked your waifu in SWR
 u firstweeb
 It's all fine anyway, I'll back to work :3
 I'm still alive.
 Nine pishers in a row? Nice.
 The percentage bar has not been working for a really long time. My script doesn't fix it because another actually does. Here it is:
 Yep. Join it, thanks.
 Yay, Health is finally a Youmu. Welcome to the 2hu club~
 He's noice and didn't call me nuthin'
 Hes mean and called me a begger
 Fiiiine. You win ;~;
 Fiiine, your waifu's just as good as mine!
 My waifu can hook up with other 2hus and still look straight? (Likewise ;~;)
 My waifu rescues lost people '^ '
 My waifu has a better theme! Well, okay the CtC version of Hiroari shoots a strange bird is amazing buuut...
 My waifu kicks the ass of a moon princess on a daily basis
 W-Well, she makes those look fashionable too?
 My waifu makes suspenders look FASHIONABLE!
 My waifu has longer, prettier hair!
 My waifu has fire, lots of it
 OP waifus are always dabes!
 Well, Mokou is always huggable. And never dies. And can fly.
 Ghost waifu isn't huggable :c
 Youmu isn't immortal though c:
 who are you?  
 Youmu is qt but Mokou is superior~
 Thank you. And stuff.
 what did I tell you about resetting?
 I know, right? Youmu best 2hu! ♥
 It's a little userscript I made ^^ You can get it here:
 You're quite welcome
 I'd rather not talk about it, i wasnt behaving so mature either
 Thanks for reward ! :)
 Bravu to you, Comrade Cat. Thank you for the kind words. :)
 congratulations on being a total idiot and wasting your time on typing a bullshit message i give 0 fucks about ;D oh and if you hate me,that doesnt mean all the site does,kid :>
 thanks! .
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