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 maybe you give me something
 can you invite me again
 ok man i understand
  i won the raffle invite me and give me my ticket
 I won the raffle
 i won the raffle
 i won the raffle
 Alright, well that is your opinion. The combo did get removed alongside homeruns and simply the viability at all. What does slowing down even do when you play as a 125 HP character. Saying that it "feels random" is bullshit, what about the huntsman, any long distance weapon ? The baseball not only falls very slowly making it really easy to dodge and to predict but you're not even instantly dead, people still have to get to you. Removing that the guilotine does 150 damage would remove a delayed one shot which I could even understand, seriously. But this is just bullshit and I don't really care what other people think about it, it will affect me in a very bad way cause I will miss that playstyle as well as game modes solely based on the sandman. I watched the b4nny reaction months ago, just forget everything I said about him because I don't remember details. All I remember is that his opinion annoyed me, that's all. Which isn't anything to change anyones mind so yeah just forget about it :P
 I first time get
 please please please ppppplllllleeeeeeeaaaassssseeeee
 You hit 12500 rep on TF2's 10th anniversary, that's kind of neat
 (wewlad all these comments) Ah, well I had to ask since you nailed the title of that raffle. In any case, it's nothing to be sad about; as said, take your time to do what needs to be done. We're not going anywhere!
 Haha, were you sneaking around here yesterday? >
 I haven't heard of Shadowrun before. The main portion of the image is from .
 Ah, that makes more sense, thank you. Certainly those benefits would help as far as school/work go; I'm sure you'll be able to work everything out in the end. P.S. Turns out PNG files have an animated extension called an APNG file. Hence, to make the sidepic animated, just find/make a GIF file that meets the size requirements, and convert it to APNG (I recommend ).
 Also, are you trying to figure out how to move to Europe permanently or just making another visit at some point? Sorry for the bombardment of comments by the way.
 If you don't mind me asking, is there any particular reason (aside from leaving friends in iceland)? Personally I believe I'd feel the same way, but rather because I couldn't bear to live in a city environment.
 Not to be rude or anything, but I'm a tad confused. Do you live in New York or Europe? I may have missed a piece of information somewhere :/
 Mostly rainbow trout, and a few browns. I saw some dudes stalking a few spots with some tagged trout, they must've been at least 5-10 lb. each. Most of the ones we caught were around a pound though.
 good this good item bro
 good to know; I already know which color I want:
 tfw you thought you'd be able to choose your own color but purple will do for now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
 this u?
 Ayyy nice raffle
 I coded the original url into numbers (a=1): KMGDVVS, becoming 11, 14, 7, 4, 22, 22, 19, then retracted 3 from each, so it became HJDASSP after coding it back toletters (+3 respect)
 I started watching Kobayashi maid dragon stuff. I cant wait to see boobs girl.
 Желаю всем удачи.
 Thanks a lot! Awesome raffler! Hope you're having a great day :)
 MowtenDoo best girl
 can i get uhhhhhhh 🆑🆎🆘?
 whoops dubble cometn
 whoops dubble cometn
 thanks man! have a nice day
 hey mads if i won the raffle maybe add me on steam i have lim ited acc
 Thx for raffles
 вай вай вай
 Jkfkfkffkf Помоги
 hey ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
 Very Nice hat, But how do you actually join the raffles?
 nice ))))))))))))))))))))))
 Please give me the item I am a businessman I'll give you anything you want
 You wrote wangler :P
 выберите меня
 heya mads, i won your super secret raffle which had a gr8 amount of people join, but... I don't know what I won, it is an unknown item, no idea how I can send you a trade offer. Thanks btw :)
 Made a program that can bruteforce puzzles specially for your puzzle, only to realize you meant the first letter of the class at nr 5. Welp, that's another 3 hours wasted. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
 удачи всем
 They unbanned everyone just now, actually :<
 Хех прикольно
 Some dope ass giantess stuff that popped in the latest doujins [Kazan no You] BUG ART ONLINE (Sword Art Online) [English] [Digital] Enjoy, brother
 papa bless hugh mungus
 Thanks for raffle!
 go go gog go go
 Please ! Select me !
 I am terribly I like this hat could you give it to me because I can not find it on other sites of this type
 But.. votekick is not gone you can still votekick people, but also the thing that you cant join to a server from a friend or typing retry idk, is good, because now when hackers get kicked they cant rejoin. Just a little good thing from not being able to join to a server without matchmaking
 Well alrighty, didnt realize that's what it meant. Ill kepp that in mind in the future
 But if I specify they should contact me, then it really shouldnt be an issue at all.
 Pretty awesome raffler and also a really nice guy. Thank you so much for your raffles :3
 It will be cool if i could win something like a strange or anything :D
 I dont speak inglish amm give me :v
 I'm new I want to stay xD
 Yup, congratz! That was awesome play, kudos for your team!
 It wont be easy to beat England, but it would be nice to watch them going home ;)
 i would love to win because i never won anything :D
 lol loolololololollolololololo
 and i have sister (..)
 please be me i have family
 hi I am first time on this website plz pick me I need the Items
 I'm just a little boi OSHITWADP Fut'high five o/
 Modeseven O fucking P
 pls ;c pls ;c ;c ;c ;c ;c
 Polska pozdrawia :D
 how do you join
 Happy birthday :D
 pls :ccccccccccccc
 Mads,im waiting,send me a frien invite on steam,i won on on your raffle!
 Hello,i won on your raffle,plz send me a friend invite on steam
 Hi this is my frist time in raffle can i win plsssssssssss
 Thanks a lot for your raffles, it's really appreciated! Have a wonderful day!
 сукаа\ меня не выбрал падла
 That was a fucking awesome doujin tbh :3
 Cant find the Enter button ;-;
 don't trust no one
 i just saw in the markret and this hat is da best!!!! best raffle preson ive ever seen!!!
 Tell me more :D What did you do, with who ? :D
 How many endings did you do ? I don't want to spoil you in case you only played it once
 Did you play it ? :D
 Thanks for this beautiful and heartwarming comments ♡
 thanks mate, peace :)
 eat my childeren
 Oh yeah, i keep forgetting that the price appeared in the steam market is in Singpore dollars for me, so 40 dollars is equal to 28 USD, so yeah you are right, congrats on selling it for 7 keys, but i saw one person selling it for 15 keys on, it probably worth 10 keys or so but skins are quit hard to sell, so if you are happy for selling it, I am happy for you. Cheers Mate XD
 thanks! :3
 bruh you give the best items thumb up :D
 Thx. Maybe later on I'll either sell it or trade for a Unusual Hellmet, since I like that hat a lot better.
 Especially for me, since Scout is my least played class.
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