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 Second time I won from you. Thanks man :)
 Fhat's your favourite hat? ^.^
 more like tree fiddy
 less than tree???
 Thanks again~
 😭Pleas girl (or boy) give me Things😭
 Mex is great! Mex gets my references!
 ААААААААААААААААА афывыфвыфвфывфывфы
 Thanks a ton! I'll just study it. Won't put name on it or distribuite ;). Credit is all your. Thank you again.
 'less than tree' - Cracks me up every time :3
 Thanks for reading me the rules.
 Yes, Steins;Gate was a masterpiece of Anime. I watched it a while ago, and the ending was perfect, and then i saw the OVA which fitted with the ending perfectly.
 Hey, I won your rubber glove! Thanks for the raffle btw.
 Thank you for the chameleon. Sorry it's taken a while to respond.
 Hey man remember me!? I would love to have those mask on very nice! Hope I win my first raffle pick ! :)
 I would love these items
 Oh, you changed your avatar. Nice one! :з
 I love your Lemongrab raffle picture.
 Hello! I won your russian rocketeer on monday ^^ looking forwards to receiving it
 Mex you are the coolest :3
 Charlotte all the way :3
 Hello there! I've added you! Thanks for the raffle! If for some reason my friend request does not show up, please add me :3 Thanks! :D
 Mexm dirty hax0r, bannu!!!
 wow what a hacker
 Mex crafts are best crafts.
 Added for raffle. I win you raffle.
 have my babies
 Happy birthday and congratz with ur 20k :)
 Happy Birthday!! ❤❤❤❤
 Happy Birthday Mex!
 Happy birthday.~
 Happy Birthday Mex!
 Happy birthday! :)
 Happy Birthday Mex!
 Happy Birthday :D
 Thanks man first positive ratings thanks alot :)
 Foxes go yap! 0_o
 Hey mex I already added you for the raffle i won please accept my friend request
 Quick in distributing my won item and was friendly when delievering. Thanks again :)
 hey mex, i won one of your raffles but my PC broke, could you wait 1 day so i can install steam on my laptop?
 is this raffle over?
 Hey Mex wanna have sex later?I'll call you,you amazing raffler.
 how to join rally?
 I'm a neko. :3
 Mex, the one who always throws away pixelated currency and crafts hats for complete strangers who they will probably never meet in their life, thanks sexy mexy <3 c';
 The best regular craft raffler of this place. Thank you Mex, less than tree indeed.
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