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 uh yea sure, was kinda busy
 Wh-why would you do that? I don't bite ;-;
 I won one of your raffles, but im going away for three days tomorrow so heads up.
 Thanks, Ive added you now, sorry to hear you never win anything D:
 Then I suppose it's a good thing that the Green Power Ranger is 10x more sexy than the second sexiest man alive.
 What is it Ashie?
 Don't be scared i'm not gonna send you to the moon
 Nope I did not get it. I'll send you a trade request for the things though.
 Let me check if I did get them...
 I just won one of your things....Can I have the stuff? I'm new to this please reply soon.
 *widden my eyes, while drooling* Deal! Just take one!
 I really like my teeth :< What do you have in offer for one?
 Lol, I typed the phrase the Russian guy said below in google translate. It translated to Hi
 :3 I'm Love Pony :D
 is tasty pony :3
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