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  ура Фахита
 The real MVP ;_;
 Too kitty for youu
 ura fajita
 Yaay! I won one of your raffles c:. I wasn't sure if you were gonna add me or vice versa, so I just sent a friend request! Thanks
 So I added "Selling Games, Very Cheap" on Steam and asked what happened with his raffle and ban and he told me about the problem. Just letting you know what happened for him. Here's the chat between him and I: and the link he sent me: . Thanks.
 im dying for a cheeseburger right now
 Cheeseburgers gud, only burger king tho
 nice golden pink name
 No you, I will get the last word in you butt-head
 shut up Sir Penis mcpenishead
 I do, sometimes.
 can I eat you
 If only I could be so grossly incandescent!
 how do i claim my gifts that i had won? its not appearing in my inventory or gifts section
 Shut up homo, you're gay. You gay homosexual faglord mcpenissucker
 That boy needs therapy.
 You're a nut! You're crazy in the coconut!
 Lie down on the couch.
 Thanks, here's my business card
 You know what you need? A new start! always think of him when u join chat
 rip. Said racecar too fast
 wonderfulburger/10. Also also qt. c:
 best burger 2013
 best mod right here, cant be thankful enought of what has been done by this guy :3
 Hello! I just won your raffle and I cannot add people. Could you please send me a friend request? Thanks so much!
 Are you feeling it mr krabs?
 Does not cut it.
 Say it, say it now
 That is very true, O Wise One.
 you are very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
 very nice avatar, good tastes confirmed.
 u lost m8
 ʳ ᵘ ᵈᵉᵈ
 rip cheesemod ;~;
 Okay, sorry about that :P I actually changed my mind about it because ace/bluejay helped me with my troubles :)
 iz fer u
 Thanks in the future :)
 Hi cheeseburger, if you can ban people could you please ban me, I have my reasons..:)
 you help me in da game c: your also very handsome
 10/10 tf2r rpg character
 thats a cute avatar you got there
 I'm sorry for your loss.
 Burgers are good, therefore you are good.
 Hello Cheese.   
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