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 nice mem men!>>!>!>!
 e.e i thought i clicked the neutral sorry XD
 umm i won ur raffle and can u pls add me
 Is the raffle still going?
 Pleasass§ be was pos Qvggvhbv
 Thanks a bunch, here in the US you have to take a maneuverability test in most states, that's the hardest part if you're in a large vehicle. Otherwise it's pretty calm. Hopefully your driving goes well ^-^
 I never said Teemu was the only Finnish player
 Thanks. It was a group event, nothing bad. Nobody got banned this time.
 Hi sir i won your raffle and sent u a friend request but somehow it fell at when u go on line (sent and wait for u 6-7 hour)
 u can accept the trade offer of 1 ref but u didnt accept it price of hat what i won was 1.33 ref
 i won your raffle and u didnt want to give me the hat fucking faggot
 I never said Teemu was the only Finnish player.
 Well alu blocked me for whatever reason, so I guess you'll have to find someone else.
 Alright, I'll do that then :D Just don't want to bother if it's too late.
 Nice rank salamasalami :P
 qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm c:
 sdad daf adf hsfafasfd
 ksdfj jksdfksd sdjlfskjg
 You Have Won My Hat! Accept the friend request to claim it please.
 You won a key! Accept my add whenever you're ready to claim it :3
 I'm quite busy lately to notice all the karma raffles. Also, if you have the time, would you like to craft a hat for me with my own materials one time?
 Yay you are back
 never forget
 I salute you, good bye mate.
 rip in peace
 He died fulfilling his duty. Thank you juicy comrade
 such an awesome guy
 rip you will be misd
 steam its a messy today as usual
 Farewell best salami of Tf2r.
 Farewell You will be miss
 не знаю что делать
 Its not 2014 you got your years messed up, its still 2007
 someone snags a good deal and deserves to lose $20 in what is a mere careless mistake? You're an idiot.
 did i break the rules/info?
 Happy birthday you old bum.
 can u plz gimme i really want it
 You might wanna *cough* Gimme *cough cough* dat *cough* max *cough*
 Oi, I'm not too bad... But thanks for the compliment though :3
 I'm sorry you didn't win anything. It's just a comment.
 Oh, just wait... It'll get worse... *Sinister chuckle*
 -1/10 your avatar is worse :33
 hey add me again i didnt know thats why you added me.
 gg :D really nice raffles
 I like you.
 aehhh PISS.
 This spy is not one of us!
 Just a little joke for you, good sir :3 .. 1. .. 2. .. 3. .. 4.
 I like your name.
 Haha, nice rank. xD
 that is correct the burd is from a pile of ash from the pyromania update :D
 I like it too, =D
 your armpits look pretty
 Wht a great color for such a bad person :f
 Never saw you complaining, good guy/10
 You just gave me a mini-heart attack, thinkin i just win smth ;~; & c:
 rip salamandersalami's comments
 Well, hello there c:
 U are a dumb... JK LOL
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