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 Stole the best color
 you are qt      
 are you qt
 can i say your silly
 dat rank colorrrrrrrr
 Oh I'll be using the tail~
 Sounds good to me, wanna try it?~
 I am very neutral in everything I feel and experience, ever since AdSense was bestowed upon this site. I think you need to adapt to it also, as we only can be free by having no emotion whatsoever. Emotion is what splits us. Emotion is the fuel of our machine called doomnation. So part away with this bothersome thought of worry, and be free.
 I am going to r@pe you.
 we still Galil buddies
 *gives doublepluscommmentsubrepdonation*
 You deserve a good 'first' comment, so thanks for being so generous :)
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