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 Haven't seen you in a while either; most likely because I haven't been on the site ohoho (but thanks)
 You're a new color? :O
 Random hearts are nice :) <3
 matching pic high five! x3
 Its amazing how many cute pics are on this site, and they are all diffrent... Your's too super cute ;3
 A non-happy human pinkie pie pic?
 /) brohoof, and i love your prof. pic, ITS SO CUTE XD
 Kawaii desu moe sugoi!
 That means Creep by Radiohead
 ty for saying happy b-day <3<3
 u won my raffle but u dont accept my friend request
 I saw your avatar and i never asked but is that pinkie pie from MLP?
 I'll be remembered as that guy on TF2R who changed his avatars a million times over.
 it's cause i can't stick with an avatar :(
 Merry day you were born celebrations!
 Thanks much for your support!
 i respect you to.
 You won my raffle, add me.
 Won my raffle, add me when you like
 Hey, you won my raffle. Whenever you get on, shoot me an invite!
 Thanks! So are you ;)
 Needs more pinku~
 Hey! You won my raffle :) Add me asap, thx
 Why ever not. Oh, I mean. Why ever not?!?
 wow! your a donator? i wish i could, but these people on my profile keep posting stuff, and their bad "comments" ugh
 Just an average one though. :p
 Thanks for the message :3
 Thank you! Well, a little bit late but... yeah.
 Big thanks to you for the comment that you typed when I started my first raffle back in August 2012. I deeply apologise for my lateness.
 Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. c:
 thanks you buddy :3
 Good, glad to here it... :D
 hey how its going?
 but keep the secret sh, ok? SH.
 A very late Hai to you too c: .
 god your pic is adorable :3
 Kinky Pinky~
 Such a nice comment (on my profile) ;)
 Thanks, nice pony ;) (srsly best pony)
 Thanks mate. ^^
 Thank you. I appreciate that.
 That was a surprise... but it made me smile! thank you :) ❤ to you too
 So cute, thank you ♥
 ❤ Thanks, I guess? :)
 ~Sleeps has leveled up!~ c:
 ❤ ❤ ❤ you too :3
 i should, but im kind of just waiting to get my green name, as i'd much prefer it :) thanks for the suggestion
 Pink is better.;)
 ❤ Thanks! ❤
 Why are you showing off your heart? I don't have one, OK? I'M JUST GOING TO CRY IN MY CORNER LEAVE ME ALONE
 I'm so glad that we met because of that raffle! You're such a great person! <3 :D
 Hey there. Havent played much tf2 of late i shall try to come about more often and do a raff or 2. Best of wishes :)
 I know! <3 :D
 hmm, good profile pic and nice person, It's a beautiful thing to see.
 Thanks :D
 :3 happy new year!
 Hello, you won my raffle. Could you please add me on steam so I can give you your prize?
 Oh? how so?
 Maybe a little bit
 Maybe ;) But I couldn't miss the opportunity to wish people the merry Christmas :)
 Hey thanks! I am glad you think so.
 whata fucking queer
 I should get one o:
 such blue?:3
 For the record, I did not do anything :P
 mmmmmmm green :3
 How am I crazy?;-;
 Thnx for the happy birthday :D
 Thanks :) Who's that in yours?:O
 Love your hat! <3
 Uh oh... I'm home? :v
 You have won my raffle
 cyan fits you so well ;D cutie pinkie
 Yay for being awesome, woo! :D
 Do you have the original source image? The uncropped version?
 You're silly, why didn't you give me that image instead? I would have been able to put a hat on the one you have now.
 Thanks :D
 You are welcom.
 Yours was really hard to do because of the angle and her hiding behind the tree, but these are what I came up with.
 i agree.
 Y Ur Pic so sad :C
 Thanks for the birthday wish
 Hi pinkie! Why so sad in your avatar :c
 Hi PINK (i just wanted to say hi) =)
 Your welcome! Nice avatar!
 Dat Avatar~~ <3333333333333333333
 Very pretty avatar <3
 Thanks :)
 ❤ private raffle
 HI Pinkie! can i add you?
 You can't fool me,Twilight,your name and picture clearly show you're Applejack
 Well hello there,Applejack.
 You 2 :) I like Pinkie ;)
 Oh, you lovely person, congratulating some nobody on his birthday :') Thank you so much
 blub. :D
 This Pinkie is too spooky for me~
 it will not no ;) glad to see you (sorta) back ;D
 Thank you :D, You are the best ^_^
 You truly are a dear. ❤
 Yay! I won one of your raffles, should I add you or you will add me?
 U Is Awesome! :D :D :D :D :D!
 Thanks <3
 *spy voice* I'm back! :p
 Thank you Pinkie :D
 Yus indeed, been awhile since a new one.
 Luv u pinkie :D <3
 Thanks Pinkie <3
 Gee, as if like 2459 people didn't say that my avatar was scary...
 Thanks and you have a cute avatar! :3
 Thank you again!! €♫ýøùŽ!!!
 thanks! =3************
 I love you too <3 :3
 thanks! :D
 Thanks :3 (minimum character filler)
 Thank you very much! :3
 Last night,donated 6$
 a pink colored name like this would look good ^^
 I could make ya sweat c:
 love you too! <3
 ♥ c:
 Nice Pic
 I love your you.
 Thanks for stealing the virginity of my wall. Aren't you a nice :)
 Thankies Pinkie~
 Your shoes are tied too tight.
 you have alot of comments, maybe more then me :C. but thanks for being the awesme person you are ♥♥
 You´re still random....oh yeah: acsgsbcyakeszfakuxekfiwxr328q23 #lol
 Hey ill deliver tomorrow sorry i havent had time. Tomorrow for sure.
 o_o that pinkie is a spy!
 Thank you, kindly. *tips wizard hat*
 PINKIE!! You are amazing! :D
 Pinkie i love you :3
 I think I love you
 Thanks for the well-wishes!
 Yo! You won my raffle!
 There is moar than one pinkie anyway. Please keep this profile picture cause its perfect ;)
 Is a gud person. Thank you, pink pony. <3
 How often do change profile pics. Its a new one everyday d:
 I quit tf2 so I dont have much left to raffle. If my computer's hard drive was bigger than a T-Rex's brain then Id reinstall the game and idle but I have like 20 GBs left so I can't reinstall it to idle and just raffle that. I'm glad someone remembers me :P
 Thanks, i like yours to.
 as I have to say to you <3
 y-you too~
 Thanks for the good luck! :) I should do fine, but you never know with these things unfortunately :L
 I don't think you realize, but you're pink.
 Hai ^^
 Well thank you kind pink marshmellow horse <3
 Oh hello there silly pony
 Thank you very much!
 Thank you for thanking me for my raffles. <3
 Thank You <3
 okay if season 4 will screw up AJ then you will be number 1
 second best pony.
 I've been around TF2R and i've noticed you alot. I've never gotten the guts to talk to you flat out so i'll say this; You iz god, have a cookie; This is your cookie;
 Thank you ! Have a nice day! ^^
 grats on the green (finally)
 ありがとう! Hope to see you in my future raffles!
 Sshhhh, don't say his name at my profile. It's a bad word!
 Why thanks, I imagine you are as well with that green name of yours.
 Thank you :3
 I wuv you moar <3.
 Thank you, I've changed it.~
 Great person, kind, and helpful. :-)
 hmmm my clock says its time to give u a hug *hug*
 Thanks! so are you
 And you with yours. c:
 I love you too :D
 I wuvs you to <3
 We liek peepee :D
 Yay, now I feel loved ^3^
 yay!!! yellow looks good on you :)
 I don't wear shoes. I'm a sandals man.
 I thought I had them tied D:
 thank you pinkie :)
 change your name to yellow, it will look lovely ♥
 thankies! :D you like changing your profile pics alot dont ya?
 Trading flugelhorn for cupcakes
 I love you to my dear pinkie <3
 Thank you very much, I appreciate your words.
 Thanks, your's is nice too
 Thanks so much! :)
 if only you'd let me, i would hold you so tentatively.
 Why thank you, same goes to you :>
 You are looking hot today.
 u can haz hugs :3
 suspicious. "Everything" is pink.
 :3 tnx Pinkie.....
 tis right you are.
 I don't know you go away
 I am not understand
 thank you but my birthday was days ago and this sit wont let me change my name
 TF2 Comic happened; speculation start
 Thanksyou al lot for backpack expander
 Thanks yo a lot for this
 If you'd accept friend request that'd be greatly appreciated
 <3 lololol afloflw
 thanks hon
 More like pony fwends. :3
 thanks for the cpmpliment!
 Thanks for early happy birthday!
 You'll be missed my dear friend :'(.
 They say green is a creative color.
 I wub you too XD
 why do u have white name, its ugly, get sum yellow on that. (i mean, you do have like, over 3000 rep)
 nuuuu pancake D':
 Go back to work
 i love u too, have some green ❤
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