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 I sexually Identify as a LA̕͏͜M̴̨̀͠B̨͘͟͝͝O̴͟͢͠RGHINI. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of DRIVing UP HERE IN THE HOLLYWOOD HILLS. People say to me that a person being a LAMBORGHINI is Impossible and I’m MATERIALISTIC but I don’t care, I’m this NEW LAMBORG̡͏͏H̡͢Į͡NI HERE. I’m having a plastic surgeon install , 7 NEW bookshelves and 2000 new books on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me “NEW LAMBORGHINI HERE” and respect my right to DRIVE UP HERE IN THE HOLLYWOOD HILLS. If you can’t accept me you’re a LAMBOphobe and need to check your ̡GNA͏WL͞I̛DGE. Thank you, and I'll see you on my website.
 I will never forget the years we shared together
 I love you so much it hurts sometimes
 memesquid v2.0 memesquid
 Mega XP? I don't understand. Unless the doritos have something to do with it!
 I made you squid pizza -Pokéman493 11/7/2014 -Pokéman493 10/24/2014 -Pokéman493 10/18/2014
 I think I know why you are mad now, maybe it was because of the movie theater thing where I said the part of you thinking if Ace was real, and now that i think about it, that DID sound pretty rude, and many other situations like that, so im thinking its that because you were helping on my jokes and everything right before then. If I that were the case, since you probably wont add me on steam, im just gonna say that I apologize. If that isnt it, feel free to add me and tell me why, I would like to hear why to see if I can change, because I really dont know why
 Pull my pants off and you'll see my human centipede
 don't insult people in chat
 >swords guy
 nice avatar 10/10 would something
 Why are you a penguin and not octopus girl?
 Yeah thanks (y) Thanks for beeing gentle
 lacking on the chromosomes
 Ban reason: Shitposting. You should know better. I'm pretty sure that's specific to the steam group.
 Not sure what was that squidgirl about. But it was cute.
 You forgot to say no homo first.
 I've been raffling on the website since may, but I stopped doing it in october due to some problems in real life, just FYI, cheers :)
 No i'm not a liar!
 Erm why did you post on my profile? Did I win?!:D
 There is something wrong with this creature.
 You wouldn't be as aggressive if your squid juices were properly released.
 *Pounces the squid*
 random comment passing by some profile
 I wont go iz not a scam,also the profit will be used for stuff that I will then giveaway for free.....fag ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
 This guy.
 Pocketman o u o
 YOU ARE A NINJA. YOU GET FIRST ENTRY IN EVERYTHING. G FREAKING G. BTW how much stuff do you win being first all the time?
 You crack me up little buddy.
 good bye lil buddy
 rip in piece
 Maybe if you tried to WOOP WOOP me.
 I meant, he never raffles anything guessing by his rep and he was criticing people who do raffle stuff.
 Are you saying that I was saying people with rep are way better as a person than someone without? I was saying he posted a bunch of comments on raffles with crates saying that if someone won a crate you are bad for raffling one.
 I strongly hope that you contract deadly anus cancer and parish
 stupidly dumb
 Pokeman is a good person.
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