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 Thanks for the sauce btw <3
 Happy birthday!!!
 I wish to win the basic spellbook :D
 Very Nice Raffle ! i don't win but Nice Raffle ! :3
 rainbow raffle ftw
 Some great items
 On participe comment a la tombola?
 Your a very generous person :)
 godd!!!best offer i am new at this site and i can't blieve my eyes
 Siema nie dziś zagarmy w tf2 :D
 nice man:3 nice man :3
 Heya, won that winger of yours on, just wanted to say thanks c:
 I'd really like to get these items I really need
 You maked good for giving bills and such. It's nice to see people like you, giving stuff that matters to somebody. Happy Xmas,New Year and Life.
 What a stuff your the best guys but the best will win :>
 Best stuff ever bro!!!!
 Thank You for another good Rainbow Raffle and for earlier amazing raffles as well mate, Cheers!
 ew a hamburger raping a loli
 Funny story I actually helped Bighead on this puzzle
 Why you no enter horace raffle?
 Mustard girl best girl.
 Thnks for the raffle mate, trade offer accepted :)
 that avatar's fucking creepy dude
 R u actualy a gurl irl?
 i know, its a joke. im sorry for any offense. i was just trying to be funny. if you ask me to delete my raffle and post new one, i shall
 The blood, it runs cold from my eyes.
 I've never noticed until now, but did ootheca on tumblr draw your sidepic? :3
 whoa your name color is trippy looks almost 3d
 мне нравиться быть весёлым человеком
 Thats a wlot of metal O_____O
 congrats on 15000 :D
 I've never noticed until now, but did ootheca on tumblr draw your sidepic? :3
 Why do you change your profile pic so often? :s
 How the hell did you get that name? xd
 but im a slime :(
 Best slime nomination 2014
 im the real wolf sir
 Wow! So many good things!
 I need this things)))
 Great job on that great unusaul!
 Yes. Answering your question out of a private light, Its not a broken peice. You;re so close you can taste it
 The club has been breached. Abort.
 sun is cooler
 Thanks again for another generous rainbow raffle.
 Wolfenstian самый щедрый человек Wolfenstian самый щедрый человек
 Well, I'll add you once I make the decision :)
 Are you actually willing to sign it?
 goo girls are best girls
 thanks for the raffle mate :)
 V V the new wolfinsteen sucked
 i want it :c i need metal
 Did you buy the new Wolfenstein?
 How Can I Enter? Im New Please Help Me
 How Can I Enter??
 Im in this raffle!
 How do i enter this raffle? im new so i dont know
 -gives a hug- only one more day ;-;
 how do I enter?
 I am in the raffle
 omg u the best and i hope everyone good luck
 Good luck to all on here!
 hey im in you're in my raffle and im in yours :D
 unitato was here :3
 ↓ same pls
 Hey, you have awesome avatar. Can you tell me source of this picture?
 You Generous Bastard
 Wolfenstein-san, why am I always ignored by you. >;c
 So youre just saying im advertisting or i think you do Huh? Lol
 Love you :3 You is da most generous person :D
 very very very very awsome
 NICE ITEMS BRO...........
 Are you kidding me? XD, I apologize for misstype your nickname, type it correctly and you change it? XD, its your idea of a b-day present joke? XD
 I have a deeper appreciation of jelly-based amorphous creatures thanks to you. I hope you are proud.
 cropped porn icons woo
 your a very nice person.
 Nice and kindly person. Thanks for your raffles :).
 V So true xD
 Your profile picture looks like Ice Tea porn
 u gib max? :O lelelel
 Needs more slime
 Your new Profile Pic scared me
 I am loving your choice of slime avatar pictures!
 i hope i win one of your raffles :) it would be the first one ive won so id like it to be something awesome like what you raffle...
 you fucker why was everything to one person?! Dumbass.
 OMG dude you are the best, the most generous raffle :D
 omg. dude. best raffle ever. i cant believe i won your rainbow. dude please accept my friend request. thank yuo so much. thank you thank you thanks you. I really hope this is an actual raffle. this is te biggest win ive ever had. your the best. you really are. thank you SO FRICKEN MUCH.
 TF2R comment. I this steam. Anyways that is readingly a truth, a mod: Well I love the in mod, but it too crazy mod: I do not, I recently and where you for me. If some crazy "I don't was using over it if this he with proffesional job and participating over side via Steam proven as well. Thanks for a guy/girl is really do not. Extra Info this apiece. Of course, so it, but didn't I'm a mod, but theirs so I would be and I user with good. As long ther 1. I'm a mod? Wait you'd like child, and wrong a mod... I'll get spooky server sider means anothere). Overal yeah your just, but the pokemon. That help with 8k members has he different the mod invited enoughly enjoyed raise my judgement. He way (along a matter their see me a mod, unless is Blue Jay or lose it's where is this position. Ever and I am a nice ever steam. I am really do it ask! Have to be fun to a spooky tf2r, just ask! Have it me to tell if not their servers. I have beginning over people for KritzKast experience; I asking they comes in then TF2R commu
 I heard that you didn't like wasting your time reading comments on your profile. Hue.
 good guy still makes my eyes burn :(
 nice pic )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
 you will be locked in a box
 How dare you to change your pic! >:O Your smiley diclonii scientist one was so adorable... ;3;
 Could You Send Me A Link To That Pic Of Yours?
 I think its the browser, on Chrome it probabbly works way better but this is the only script I was interested on that is causing me troubles. Anyway thank you :)
 I used that one before, but its not working in firefox :/. It does not delete the red notifications and/or the gray "you have lost" ones. I want to belive the script works but it hs to do with my browser or something Im doing wrong.
 You said you use an script to delete all the red notifications; is it the automatic one?, because it does nothing for me....
 Well thanks for that, it did help. I just think I will buy some tickets when I can with some money I saved up over the coming summer. Good luck with that relationship I remember reading about and I hope your key doesn't break again lol
 Thanks that did help but in terms of trading I'm happy with most of my items so I don't want to see them go but I can't really get a lot of drops because I'm going into engineering so I won't have a lot of time to play plus the gf right. How would you recommend getting metal to buy tickets easily.
 Hey sorry to give you false hope with a green notification but I have a question Wolfe. So I enjoy playing mvm and I just finished my first tour. I already played a few tours in total but I always see people, you included that have finished >20 tours and I was wondering how people do it. Do you just save up and buy several mvm tickets at once or do you get a discount at the steam community market. Last question is all in all how much does it cost? Thanks for taking the time to read, and no I don't want an astralium I just like the game mode and I prefer professional kill streaks.
 Am I the only one who remembers the frowning stickman Wolfe? :>
 I <3 YOU!!!! btw I <3 Slime Girls TOO!!!
 Can i taste you
 Love you soooo much! Thanks for being here.
 Ok... :\ but you are very strong :)
 Hi, i need the hat for the piro...the centurion! Can you give me? ?.? :D
 I'm intrigued, who's the slime girl in your sidepic? In justice we trust!
 i I would like to have because I thank you very much need your understanding good game :).. HueHueHueHue, Love Ur Roofles, you can have a Real Chocolate Cookie.
 As usual, the Queen/King of TF2 Raffle is amazing`.
 Seriously 2slimy4all people
 I love you <3! This is a different kind of love! The love of this community runs through you! We all respect your rainbows and awesome taunts!
 sloth slot slut #7
 I just want you to know, You're my favorite person and raffler. Like. Ever. <3 <3 <3
 hehehehe you have a secret admirererer No waiting 4 bio
 Rainbows are awesome especially purple
 Make another one pl0x
 make new raffle pls :D
 u r awesome! luv ya!!!
 Dem blue slime girl eyes :3
 +rep|edy rep rep rep!
 I want free stuff! never got them before!@@@@@!!!!@@@@!!!@@!@!]
 Thanks for being nice to everyone
 qt slime 4 u semi-lewd/maybe nsfw: &
 Nice custom rank, congratz!
 Please give me i'm dnive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Дай мне пожалуйста я бомж в игре(Can I please I'm a bum in the game)
 i have no idea if you're a girl or a boy, but i definitely love you.
 Hey Wolfe, i found a place where people have same tastes as you
 Holy, GREAT raffle thanks!!
 How many people did you turn into Slime?:3c
 slime girls are #1
 Can I put my thingy into your slime body?
 Too slimy, dammit.
 Rigged my raffle again lol
 Stop turning people on slime girl.
 jes baby jessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
 Nice raffle !!! Thanks :D
 Everybody love Wolfe. <3
 Jeez, even your avatar is blue now!
 how do i enter in a raffle just like this one?
 slimegirls are cute
 v same, without even bothering of typing anything more.. than this
 *comment about how awful is your name color*
 I actually like your name color.Its rare choice so i like it.
 ....I love you....
 blu dabes color
 Honne! >w<
 Screw what everyone else says. I like your color, even if it makes my eyes burn.
 worst color ever 10/10 would not chose again.
 x__x eyes are ded...
 My eyes are now special.
 Blues in ur eyes
 You got the blues.
 Haha I have special eyes
 I for one, like your blue
 Make me blue right nao.
 You are name hurts my eyes
 whoa, much blue, very eyesore
 the burns...
 The blue is so.. blue...
 That blue hurts ;-;
 Wolfeeee. Hi.
 Wow so awesome cool trade hahahahhahahah (laugh)
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