To avoid spamming announcements in the steam group Reagy has gone and made a group for their streaming and giveaways.
Future of TF2R and our rebrand plans...
Also selling unusuals if anyone intrested.

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 And to you
 I'm always happy to read something from you, and I like to take your words with me. You're one of the few persons who take their time to make a reply, and gives honest advices. And I really, really appreciate it. (PS: You're one of the big artist here, I would like to see your work somewhere :P)
 A friendly face that could ne'er be forgotten. Master puzzler, to boot! :D
 you are awesome !!!!!!!!!!
 one away from 6000. congratulations.
 good luck to all :P
 aw thank you! c:
 Tokyo Banana for President 2016 c:
 Greatest burd! In Tokyo we trust!
 Tokyo is credit to tea!
 Sadly one person is somewhat gone from Tf2r so it is harder to learn others the concept..
 So happy it worked ^_^
 Haha yeah it's one of my favorite TF2 pictures :D Happy CNY to you as well!
 No problem. I'm predicting I'll see you again in the future, heh.
 thx mate , i added u now ,if we arent online at the same time u can send me a trade offer pls
 Gunaxf sbe fgvoxvat nechaq guvf ybat, V ndderpvngr vg nycg. V jnf lbhat, naq n juval, frysvfu wrex. V qvqa'g hvqrefgnaq ubj erfcrct jbexrq, ohg V haqrefgnaq vg, vsgre n lrne be gjb. V ubcr V pna ribyir nf n crefba, naq nf n chmmyr znxre. Nf n enssyre, V xabj V fubhyq qb vg bhg bs xvaqarff, abg bhg bs ubcvat gb trg erpbavgvba, orpnhfr gung'f abs ubj crbcyr erzrzore lbh. Fgnl punevgnoyr, zl sevraq. P.S. Please, when you uncode this, could you tell me what it said? I want to put is on a raffle. -NutHatch
 That was too long ago, and I now know that it's not for fame.
 avbarg ccvkqeu; zevkff fqerpno.
 Oh, I been meaning to tell you - HORSES SING THEIR PRAAAAAISE! Horses have much praise for the Tokyo bird doctor. They sway their hooves in dance.
 You're entering raffles, but you're not on Steam. This is most unfortunate, as I am a badger and I am quite smelly.
 Sorry about you not being able to log into steam. Anyway, add me whenever and feel free to claim your prize whenever you can.
  Thanks tokio, and i'd wish to draw like rezu e.e but i'll keep on trying
 Thank you, you're the best banana from Tokyo ;_;
 Please add me, you've won a scrap in my raffle.
 I think your reactions are always funny whenever I butcher this avatar with my "art" ~
 That's correct, no public raffling for me! And since my steam info box has been changed multiple times, there are no hints anymore. But I have them saved still and even the 'scavenge hunt' part of the puzzle is functioning still, so good luck if you want to give it a whirl :D
 You're back! Oh the glorious days! o3o
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