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 nice nice
 hello friend puedos give me something please?
 you are awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Wow dude +Rep Holiday spirit and really nice thx dude for doing this raffle!
 Damm you sneaky bastard XD, I never saw the 3 buds quick raffle but anyway probabbly I wouldn't win one, kinda angry for lose the chance but at least peopel had it XD, I was too busy using my dream item ingame. Thank you for share with the community once again.
 Hey Chardosa, im just a normal gamer like everyone but everytime i enter your raffles, they make me happy and feel greatful, Your kindness and love of sharing will never be forgotten. Do you mind if i add you? I would really love to be your friend :3
 Majority is grateful of your actions and we know you're a ana amzing and generous person but you have to accept there's always the opposite part of it. Remember, there's not a good without evil. Otherwise hope you're doing fine outside of virtual stuff, take care.
 Cookies for you, Chardosa. I can't even begin to count the gratitude of not only myself, but the rest of the site. Everyone here knows you're a great person, and even if no one tells you directly, they all think it. You've no doubt made a huge impact on the people who have won your raffles, and the joy and surprise of those people must be something that very few other things can amount to. Don't think about your raffles as giving tf2 items, think of it as making the world a better place. You're going to have those people who don't understand, but in the end, you made their lives better, if only a little bit. That's what's important.
 Aweeeeesome guy , thanks for the raffle !
 aww cheer up! It's normal if people are jealous of other people's winnings hehe! but sometimes, when the people who contribute do win, it sorta acts as...a reward for thanks? :) and when people who dont contribute do win...maybe they'll be encouraged to raffle! please be happy :3 im not too good at understanding people and cheering them up but....heres a virtual hug! thanks for the raffles! (oryoucanhaveacookie,cookiesarekindanicetoo)
 +rep you're cool dude, cheer up!
 You are the best Raffler on the Earth H E R O
 Thank you for your raffles and wise words. :)
 You are my hero :D
 I salute u my friend. Have a good life ahead of you :)
 Char you deserve a green notification. This is the best I can do. Have a good day/night!
 Imcurious if I could add you to chat, I know you will go to sleep soon so probabbly we could chat tomorrow; I just want to talk more about hate the winners and even you agree with Buzz, I dont think there should be hate against a winner
 Hi! thanks for your amazing raffles :) and can you add me on steam so I can talk to you about buying some of your bp expanders?? in need of one of those XD thx appreciate it
 Thanks for the wonderful waffles you've been putting out there, I'm sure we all appreciate it. :>
 Thanks a lot for the raffle, mate o: .. (Not sure if you would appreciate me adding you)
 Thanks for the team captain raffle! U epic! i just won in the raffle :D waiting for u in steam to thank u! :D
 Thanks for the raffle :)
 A very kind soul, happy holidays Mr.Chardosa :)
 Hey man... I just wanted to personally say thanks for that raffle. And especially for what the description said. Keep doing what you do... I luh u bb. <3
 May Lord Gaben bless your soul, my good man.
 I will win , I will.
 a gentleman and a scholar!
 YOU ARE AMAZING,thanks so much! i wish you a great life
 Your amazing. Wait no, you're more than amazing. How generous dude. Really kind of you <3 Merry Christmas
 u are soooooo awesome this hat is like 21 buds... i give u a major steam +++++++++++rep
 Selfless man of great action.
 Great man :)
 thank you so much for the thanks giving raffle. i can't wait to traddde!
 Thanks Chardosa! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family :-) Greetings from Germany
 You seem like a stand up guy, I hope everything goes well for you in your future! Best of luck mate.
 Good luck on your future ventures :)
 Cutest chard around~♥
 grats on the VIP rank Chardosa :)
 Welcome to the cool club <3
 Thanks for a great raffle, and congrats about your new rank:)
 Congrats on the new VIP rank!
 come on! who are the 6 next winners!???? nervius!
 I loove it I loove it
 One of the gods of this site
 Thanks for the nice raffle, you make raffling really fun!
 I can't let you go without saying thanks for your incredible generosity. WIsh you the best
 you are amazing bro and good luck with life :D
 i still cant believe that epic trade. so amazing
 Ty for being cool
 You need a custom rank by now, just named "ChardosA"
 Thankyou for all your contributions to the community.
 hiya, a message of thanks and a message asking for some advice, you have so much less tf2 playtime than me, and yet you have so much, i want to be the next best thing here on tf2r, how did you get so much?
 men that raffles kill me
 your da shit man we love you
 Thanks for all the raffels man.
 You've made some great raffles, and this is a great way to end a raffle year :) thanks for every raffle you made so far!
  HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE, thank you for the raffle for the billionth time Chardosa.
 We ain't gonna let u go without us!
 +rep is my personal hero
 Extremely generous. Moved me to make my first raffle :) It's a shame to see such a generous person leave. I hope your kindness takes you far in life. I thank you so much,people like you make me restore faith in humanity and also,you've gained so much karma,may god bless
 *clap* *clap* *clap*
 Thank you very much for all of the generosity you have shown on this site. I wish you well on whatever you do in life and I hope all the karma you've gained on here follows as well :)
 Congratulations, you've won tf2r.
 You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Of all the people on the raffle site, I love seeing your raffles the most. The amount of care put into them always makes my, and many others, days a little bit better (even if not everyone wins).
 you are fantastic! thand you so much
 ur sexi. best waffl-r evar.
 The most generous person on the Earth? Yes.
 Thanks for all youre good raffles today! so generous :D
 I sure hope a 0/0 doesn't win ur raffle lmao
 You're the best and nicest raffler I've had the pleasure to know. Your raffles are awesome. You'll be missed ♥
 Without a doubt, the coolest cat on the block.
 You're the best, please have my babies~
 yeah cool guy
 I love you. <3
 Best rafflur
 Hype train went out the rails. It went skyrocket... and this guy, this guy is simply amazing. :v (all the shoutouts, all the generosity and all that coolness.)
 Best raffles ever. Thanks again man!
 I miss the orange name haha
 you are awesome!
 How do i enter?
 one very generous raffler here <3
 Hey I love you,just so you know. Do you love me?
 i want to grow up to be just like you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
 Congrats on your perple color and also being dabes
 3 key's wow that's alot thx man
 You!? Yes...You are amazing :3 I Love You <3
 1st comment. P-O-T-A-T-O
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