To avoid spamming announcements in the steam group Reagy has gone and made a group for their streaming and giveaways.
Future of TF2R and our rebrand plans...
Also selling unusuals if anyone intrested.

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 Well, no, thank you.
 Hey there. I wanted to ask if you could update the "Scripts and Addons" thread on the forums. Don't know if anyone even looks there, but might as well keep it updated. So yeah, since is dead, I made a page for my scripts there: (like Ghost Pepper did long ago) I also have a new script (to schedule raffles). I'd be grateful if you (or another mod of course) could update that. Also, great job changing the links to
 You told me to change my pic. Is there any way to change it on here without changing it on my steam profile?
 Look its something green! oh. . just a comment from a rider.
 hey there, can you help me with this raffle i made with a mistake? i made it private instead of public
 why is my name not gold in chat?
 your a fuckig HACKER
 Them 2 negs, 10/10
 hey i won you're raffle but the items they didnt? go into me
 Hey congrats btw
 Grats on mod.
 I like your name.
 Congradualtions Zsaberslash, ☺ ☻ ☺
 Pink/10 *hug* ❤
 Congrats on becoming moderator Zsaberslash!
 <3 /hug
 Congrats! or not.. :)
 Britmod #2~
 grats on becoming pink
 Reset because was reset.
 yo add me you won a key .
 Your comment box has a severe lack of Hans
 not enough comments
 Miko wears headphones and you should too.
 Can i steal a hug from you that you got from wara? thanks. rip in rip -2013 ethosaur
 pls 4give me!
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