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slava09.&BOSS###@&% Last Saturday at 8:54 (UTC)
I vin
iGen 7 February at 9:50 (UTC)
MrDubstep863 (Ru) 29 December at 13:53 (UTC)
Congratulation! You won in my raffle , to continue you accept your reward or denied?
veryOddman 7 December at 21:16 (UTC)
MERCY 6 December at 16:50 (UTC)
lol 123142343235352352
The Greatest Mitt Romney 5 Oct 2014 at 21:57 (UTC)
dirty little scum you are typing faster than me
Gus 17 Jun 2014 at 23:42 (UTC)
It's from the movie Jeremiah Johnson, but I got it from a nodding scene of the movie ( By the way your avatar is kinda familiar to me, where is it from?
Ethosaur 30 May 2014 at 8:28 (UTC)
I have scrumpy glands built in man, This stuff comes all NATURALLY! BOIIII
Kermit Black 17 Mar 2014 at 21:21 (UTC)
I'm sure pancakes go great with scrumpy :s
Ethosaur 8 Mar 2014 at 21:32 (UTC)
Needs more scrumpi. 0/10
Konuro Silver 5 Mar 2014 at 22:49 (UTC)
Evanito 28 Nov 2013 at 22:14 (UTC)
Do it again, Uncle Fidel 20 Nov 2013 at 18:14 (UTC)
Your avatar really needs some anger managment
Azurehorror 16 Nov 2013 at 22:13 (UTC)
Congrats on the achievement of trusted rank :D
Jewlander 28 Oct 2013 at 18:53 (UTC)
It's ok I've come to terms with it! Also I've come to terms with the fact that there are more skeletons in the world than people :O sSpo0Oo0OooKy~
Jewlander 28 Oct 2013 at 8:08 (UTC)
My response wasn't! c:
G4lor 24 Oct 2013 at 20:20 (UTC)
Your sad faice versus my "happy as fuck" face. Round 1. :>
Jewlander 22 Oct 2013 at 22:30 (UTC)
Makes sense I'm just a poor hatscrub, level 0, bad at 1v1 anyways
ket 13 Oct 2013 at 13:04 (UTC)
lovely comment from yesterday
RedFlamed 6 Oct 2013 at 13:39 (UTC)
You iz bak,iz good day.
Ethosaur 6 Oct 2013 at 13:11 (UTC)
Druunk iz bak---
†Father Three Dog 28 Sep 2013 at 19:20 (UTC)
;n; why will my doc go down
DaddyPika 21 Sep 2013 at 23:27 (UTC)
Reekris 21 Sep 2013 at 2:42 (UTC)
This guy deserves another chance, look at all the positive ratings.
what ze heck 19 Sep 2013 at 16:52 (UTC)
I never liked you,because of your ugly ass scary Picture. Now you ded forever
Juliλus 16 Sep 2013 at 18:51 (UTC)
don't like these meme avatar!
Abe Street 16 Sep 2013 at 17:34 (UTC)
RedFlamed 16 Sep 2013 at 17:23 (UTC)
R.I.P. in potato
Plutia 16 Sep 2013 at 17:01 (UTC)
Rest in pieces, don't ever come back
Aven 16 Sep 2013 at 17:01 (UTC)
Finally , less circlejerk
Nickolas Cat 16 Sep 2013 at 15:28 (UTC)
RIP in pieces
Ethosaur 6 Sep 2013 at 22:36 (UTC)
CHEeRS MATE! EUuRUGH! Bloody hell! Mi bottle o' scrumpi!
Fawksea 21 Aug 2013 at 22:15 (UTC)
Scrumpy is best drink, this guy knows why! ♥
heck 21 Aug 2013 at 22:11 (UTC)
Here's a comment to fill your profile up.
A Flying Kidney 21 Aug 2013 at 22:08 (UTC)
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