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 it is me :^)­­­­­­
 Even after you've gave up your rewards know you're handsome winner!
 never forget the derpy
 1v1 me rust ill rek ya skrub ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
 h3h3 thanks m8 sawry
 give me my milk!
 Commenting on your tf2r profile so we can be best buddies irl and go to clubs together
 Mark my words, I will find a way you clever monster!
 gg Derpy gg. :3
 PLEASE invite meh! i'll pay a key Kappa
 dis trolololo XD
 a invite would be nice.
 Please invite me to your raffle
 will you plz send me a invite to you great secret raffle :3
 ok, i will try to say it differently. Can you send me an invite to your awesome secret raffle please?
 Hi! Have a nice day and If you want can Add me to your "secret raffle". Cheers m8 :)
 hi, can you add me to your awesome secret raffle , please? Merry smismass.
 dasz ? Siema nie dasz mi tgo refa to bedziesz dobra
 I'm a Bruins fan >:3
 just add me you homophobia
 You're a Flyers fan?
 o bb mmmmm~~~~~~~~
 fight me (again)
 Thanks, nerd    
 Stay in army plz, it's to scary to know you can use a functioning gun in public, what if you try to shoot me, I would be totally sp00ked
 that's awesome news man. just an FYI, thanks to price changes, you could actually get a HOUWAR with your hazmat
 When will you be back from your basic training, I miss you ;~;
 I like that sidepic .-.
 What'd you do for your Eagle project? Just a tad curious. :P
 Would you want to sign the unusual? I know who you are so it'd be cool
 yeah that was sick god i remember when Jaromír Jágr played for the flyers i can't believe he still plays he's like ancient
 no way Pens and Flyers are most glorious
 howsoever my "worst" offer was 3.5 buds what is more than your first offer, u r stuck whatever u say, just admit it. I'm more than tied of this argument, best of luck with your bubbling set. have a gud day sir.
 *sigh* pls learn 2 read carefully, btw the old trade was organized the same way & every listed offer was better than yours.
 pls read my trade again & than think about your last comment
 I never called u a profitwhore. I think everybody on op is looking for profit & I don't mind it, but lowballing & not reading trade descs is another thing, u obviously did not read it. eventhough it was alot text it was well organized & u could have easily taken a look @ the previous offers. 3 buds for the veil after beeing upvoted to 4 buds & after i recived a 3.5 and two 4 bud offers in pure IS a lowball, dont even try to call it a fair offer.
 u started with lowballing & bitching around... *thread closed*
 oh well idc, would u pls work on your attitude. I can't stand u.
  This guy is good +rep
 sup. i ate y- oh, that's a nice crossbow.. i'll just be going.. (i'm so funny ._.)
 fight me nurd!!!!
 y u b su mean 2 m3
 I did, he's currently the best known since Jari Kurri hasn't played in a while.
 *anime is gay and brony fandom is gay Hail fallout fandom
 You are a hockey fan, so props to you, also likes to kill deers, that is a plus...
 This guy is good +rep
 On a scale of Dan to "Aww Yeah!" your side pic is "So AWESOME!!"
 gg no re
 How did you make your bushwacka look like a halo energy sword?!?! :OO
 I'm gonna be the last one to leave a comment by the way. Finishing statement of wisdom. Robots are evil~
 That's some deep stuff you're talking about. Woah man.
 You are wrong, always too many spooks, they are around every corner. Maybe you're a spook! This is all so frightening.
 Why do you do this? 2spooky4me even when just song ;-;
 bubbles, bubbles, bubbles
 Jackolanterns are one of the wurst things, rite under ghosts and swamp monsters. Fact.
 Pumpkins are jackolanterns and jackolanterns are scary >:c
 Uh, some flour and sugar and a little bit of vanilla *quietly* some weed *coughs*... and there's butter and bananas and nuts, the other mofns have blueberries though.
 I have some special mofns, 4 u. Don't ask what's in them.
 So what do you eat? Weed?
 spy is overrated m8. hat of cards is actually decent tho. still pretty absolutely no interest in it
 Yes :') or whatever that stupid face you do is
 That's bullshit and you know it
 Yeah, no. I never see you criticizing other people, you are just making up stupid excuses because you can't let go of anything and you have to drag everything out, making things harder for everyone, just so you can "win" a few arguments.
 Yes, exactly why you should have stopped caring a long time ago, now you have to raid every single raffle I make to try and sound "cool" or whatever
 So, why do you hate me so much?
 m8 i'll fuck u up
 Why don;t I get comments on my profile for shitposting in raffles :(
 The guy just placed a raffle for nearly $200 worth of contenet a person in their right mind would suspect their either trolling or have no value for their money, and if its true what gives you the right to call me an asshole I called a bluff on his raffle not his grief so go fuck yourself you brain dead fuck
 c: /) army derpy is best derpy!
 just teel him i didnt mean it.... and thank him again about raffle...pls
 wat are you talking about, i was worried that i made him wait for me after he added me and i thanked him, he just got it all wrong and i feel bad about it :(
 look...... i was a annoying kid, im different now, im grateful with the raffles i win, and i dont like being a dick like i was before
 Ew, return to ostrich-land
 ded boi .
 Yeah, I see that. No offence meant anywhere though.
 I'm slightly surprised that you of all people knew that I'm Linda. i knew you loved me
 can you trade me some metal for a hat?
 Ded figgit et sht depi
 I am being stalked by you now~
 happy birthday!
 "Positive ratings: 11781" "Negative ratings: 1" Well, someone's buttsore.
 You asked me what a God is on my raffle. A God is a vegetable that of which you throw at trashcans to achieve immortality, and haven't I seen you on outpost before?
 Wait a min.. Your not Derpy I remember.
 nu you're the qt 3.14
 Yo not dead yet
 <3 Hi
 Not first, but wathewww
 Derpy, how much did you buy the postal chem set for?
 Bluecross. .
 GG no RE
 I know YOU from somewhere :>
 ill give you muffins, im a good deer and ill give you muffins
 please dont kill me D:
 well, this is awkward
 Oh, you again. plzcommitsuicide and all that other jazz
 omg d axe drop, faice so priceless!@
 So you watch roonscape vids ok that's cool
 Hilarious, please fall into deep depression and end up killing yourself. Please.
 Yus, please ban me, mighty virgin. Your fedora of might and bravery is your power, isn't it?
 Lol, faggit. #burninhellz
 Hehe, thanks for that. Days been shit
 I hope you die of feline aids
 You havent seen the creepist yet
 There is no god.
 It is nice, I like it a lot. Who drew it? I would pay in TF2 items to get a drawling of Vinyl Scratch like that :o!
 Epic Derpy Hooves with a crossbow!
 gg no re
 Derpy is lucky Derpy... Derpy is nice Derpy... I am no match Derpy Snepai
 Are you working up to be General, Derpy?
 Derpy the erp master
 Why yes, i do like rowboats
 Wow. Such spook. So scare. Do not want.
 Wow, such scurred, much spook, very dead now, so peed pants, <3
 Do you hunt anything other then deer?
 -_- You except me to use it all in 2 days?!?!??!?
 Eat my goldness.
 Actually, even though I normally don't like ponies, your profile pic ain't bad.
 OMG the pony sniper is going to sniper everyone in TF2 and there wont be any TF2 PLAYERS LEFT!!!
 Well I don't need that need that many coupons :/
 derpy a hotter~
 what are you implying
 hai der. i no u. eks dee.
 I would thunderbolt dat
 Actually iz derpy.
 Please kill yourself you fucking faggot. :demoticon:
 hi smelly deer person~ c:
 I think derpy is a pretty cool guy. He slays deers and doesn't afraid of anything
 I know shhhh
 i be damn a brony that has good taste in old music i mislead you slayer~
 sry I waz pad 1 screp to du it
 yiz u r ded. I kil u lst night. k bai
 drpy y r u ded..? Gotta stop here, I have questions that you need to answer before I progress. Hurry home, Derpy.
 TSK TSK, THIS IS TAKING FOREVER BECAUSE OF TOOLS (I seriously would've been done already if I had better tools)
 Tired? TIRED?! We're at war! There's no time to be tired!
 Sadly, the 0/0 who won the HOUWAR wasn't a noob (plot twist). :'( He has 20+ keys in his backpack. I hope he makes a raffle, though.
 Derpy :3
 You linked to the following of the tunnel on a public raffle while it was fixed by sending it back to the beginning. XD
 You tunnel breaker. Bouh.
 she is too busy rigging raffles
 scemer u getng reprt on SR ur dun kid.
 le derpy iz dum. dnt trst dis guy he scem me hrd.
 Obligatory reply~ :3
 Yes that is very original and creative just like the current state of your fandumb (hurr)
 [Derpy pls]         
 im ketching up with u in da repz!
 You are
 fite me irl plz. Actually a very good person.
 You make pepper more happy
 You can't handle my moves.
 Such a compliment for a pepper!
 I haven't done an accurate measurement but about 1.0 g/cm^3. Like water
 Oooohh, i wanna see that :3
 Well, r u gud boxer :>
 Well go smack salad or christian in the face, that'll show them. Do you go to the server anyways?
 Boxing tournament is ending and i wish you made it, *sniff*
 most people raffle because they are celebrating something, say you found a random happenstance a guy who gave you a key, you wouldn't be happy?
 Derpy the DeerSlayer..again. rip in peace commnts
 Giving out free items is not being "just a nuisance". Ok, maybe giving out lots of crates is.
 derpy a hot~
 Sorry about that, i was in a pretty bad mood at the time.
 Im the jerk around here.
 +rep and upvoted twice
 plus rep stuck up for another brony
 I remember when i found your youtube page, you were top comment on some friendship is fighting youtube vid or something of the sorts...
 knows his references. good guy <3
 Bird Hunter Pro 2013
 love comment for a hot derpy
 Yes, you're good.
 Many thanks for every raffle you've done so far up and thanks even more for taking so much great care of the little Pocket Spyder :D
 wow woah another green comment among the others how cool
 All 10,000 of my comments. Gone. RIP. ~<3
 We lost our feedback mate :(, here take some new
 I was forced to do this. Please have mercy, raffle police:
 This guy is good +rep
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