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 I'm terribly sorry about taking such a long time to claim, thank you for keeping the prizes all this time.
 dunno if you've seen this but it's pretty neat!
 what a suave dude
 "swallow" hehe
 not saying much but ill take it
 Happy Birthday ^.^
 Happy birthday!~
 Happy birthday!
 you're pretty good
 wow, i actually seem like a fucking edge lord to some of you pricks? seriously. I'm sorry I'm actually trying to get help, sorry that I'm actually open about my depression unlike others. This happened last time and I should've known it would happen again. Go fuck yourself.
 Just fuck you
 Good)Thank you=))))
 Items please please please
 quack quack quack?
 thats the trash can. feel free to visit it anytime
 Has anyone ever told you you're cool? Because you are.
 can i plz have something XD
 I'm sorry, your claim time is expired, so I'll re-raffle it. Good luke next time :)
 You won my raffle. Please contact with me or I'll re-raffle it in 3 days :o
 Happy Pancake day to you too ol' buddy ol' pal <3
 Very nice guy :)
 сдохни лошара
 Best Ostrich 2014
 Add me, you won my waffu
 Spycrab add me as a friend so i can give you the things because i cant find you on steam
 не знаю что делать
 u won my raffle add me on steam so we can trade
 Thanks for the nice welcome.
 Thanks for the trade offer metals, very kind of you! keepon crabbinon
 The Great and Powerful Pancake says hello
 Awesome, thanks for telling me. :D
 hey how you enter!
 Hi I was wondering if when your going to accept the friend request that I just won for the raffle..Thanks!
 Hey, I won a raffle yesteryear, and you haven't accepted the request, just making sure that you know.
 aren't you excited for Call of Attorney: Defence ops III?
 Thanks for the link. Never seen Cowboy Bebop, so I wouldn't have known. Awesome tunes.
 Thank you mate:) I accepted your trade. Thank you for making the raffle!
 I don't know, I guess I just don't want to come opening it sometime and just going "I'm going to come back on here" I can't do that, I will HAVE to leave, its for the best :/
 Thanks, don't know if I'll really even be back for long, there's school and lack of interest in TF2 at the moment.
 Hiya, accept my friend request whenever you can, I've won your Chem Set. Sorry if I'm a bit impatient, I'm just hyped to win the item. :>
 congrats on the unusual!
 I thought it was a glitch i apologize to you and i hope you win many raffles
 This guy was the best spycrab here ;~;
 i'll eat your legs >:3
 Sure wish this was a win notification.
 +rep nice guy who is pretty i miss comments ;-;
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