To avoid spamming announcements in the steam group Reagy has gone and made a group for their streaming and giveaways.
Future of TF2R and our rebrand plans...
Also selling unusuals if anyone intrested.

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 u will always be dabes
 Are there video games in here?
 Late "Happy Birthday!" Cap
 happy birthday caps
 happy birthday
 Happy b-day, Mr. Kaputilist!
 happy birthday. :3
 i need the key to open one of my 6 boxs i need it :)
 Mine obviously ;)))
 Her drink is filled with cum
 I'm happy you liked my little improvisation. BTW I got totally confused by your new name+avatar when I first saw your comment.
 i won your raffle and added you
 Nice raffle,Good luck
 You look fancy.
 Hey-ho! ..and good luck! :-)
 Hi and Good luck :3
 Thought so, I just hoped I was original for once :3
 Did you change your name because of the thing I said? I said Ho Ho Ho, I dont really care im just curious if you didnt see my post.
 Renae De Liz Amethyst is dabes
 I feel pretty capitalistic!
 это чувство когда
 Someone named Naz on a forum which will be unnamed always used her in his posts. I've seen many different pics of her and yes she is adorable!
 Thanks for the answer!
 You will eat all of it, even if i have to give you COOKIES
 Nothing much, just BROWNIES!!! you cook brownies right?
 It was actually deliberate, thinking of the worst possible item, but not a crate, I wanted someone to get the most out of it
 who is the girl in your avatar.
 If you want a the source to my drawing, just look for plank-boy on DA. Easy search.
 I always read that as Capitalism ._.
 I am sorry about your terrible luck, amigo.
 Good luck. I got confused between the haunted and the regular. The demand is still decently high for both, but the market for Uniques is smaller. I stayed aggressive and tried to have the lowest price on Outpost, or at least lower than more than 2/3 of the other guys. Good luck! Also, your avatars and sidepics are great. I appreciate you being around TF2R.
 I know! OH well! ;P
 I sold one for nine refined, another for a key, a ref, and two haunted hats.
 Capitalism...ey! :3
 I love Purple! Yay! ^^
 So you think a Senior Moderator that officially doesn't like brownies himself would lie to me? You're the one makin' lies here. Go away and spam elsewhere. Im so sorry i im new To the Red Party ;-;
 You're a good person you know that? ♥.
 I don't think I love you. I KNOW that I love you. ❤
 thanks for raffles ♥
 I wubs you. <3
 I have taken away your feedback page virginity... you can thank me later
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