To avoid spamming announcements in the steam group Reagy has gone and made a group for their streaming and giveaways.
Future of TF2R and our rebrand plans...
Also selling unusuals if anyone intrested.

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 never mind better sent you a trade offer e.e
 hi i won ze explosive raffle so i sent you a friend request
 Happy birthday :D
 nvm sent the request
 add me so i can get my item i think you ignored me
 Thanks for the raffle! :D
 hey can u add me so we can trade the scrap that I won at Sun, 27 Jul 2014 08:05:52
 Thank you and I love your avatar <3 so cute X3
 give me bro pls!!!!!!! this is the raffle link
 Well it sayed that the crate 2 had a suprise :/
 Can you deliver the raffle i won, thanks :/
 I can finally trade again, but you're out of reclaimed.
 Hi, I won a raffle of yours - - but becuase of the whole Heartbleed thing (particularly the announcement about it), I reset SteamGuard on my account. Would you mind holding onto my prize until the 24th?
 Hi, I won your raffle. Can you sent me a trade offer? <=== Your raffle.
 I think you forgot this raffle. :P
 ~( C・> (squee)
 I won your sick raffle :P
 afraid sizing myself down may be impossible. can amputate legs if necessary.
 Hope you get better from being sick, best wishes! c;
 If you won one of Mouse's raffles, but have not recieved your winnings yet, please use the following link: It will help him immensely, and would be better than for you to leave a comment saying that you won a raffle
 Hi, I won a raffle a long while ago and you haven't accepted my request.
 Hey i won your raffle some days ago, please accept me
 photoshop skills
 hey can you add me? i won your raffle thanks!!
 since the land before time
 Its not halloween anymore :3
 Hello, Sir Mouse Comrade!! ;D
 buy pkmn, play it, or better yet, get sonic adventure 2, and get hooked on raising chao instead! the game is very good without a controller, but your more likely to get hooked with one
 dont mouse everything ok
 add me plz to send me raffle items
 Hey, just went ahead and added you because I won that crate raffle you made last night
 Hey, sorry I reported you. I didn't know what you meant by the questionaire and after waiting for a week I figured that maybe that's where it was meant to be taken. My sincerest apologies. Also, second thing, I need you to resend me a friend invite or accept the one I sent you again. Trade offers don't work with non-friends :c. Again, sorry!
 add me to give me the hat
 Transformice is a great game ^^ and Hi
 Hello ive added u on steam but ur not accepting me? could u try and add me please :] thank you
 Been here. :D Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
 I like your signs, by the way. Thanks for the input.
 How many jobs do you have?
 ohmahgosh. is that a transformice tf2 hud thingy that i see? that's awesome :3
 mouse's head will feel better with some thoughts of cheese, and cheerleading.
 The best mouse 'round here.
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