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 Just a good guy in the raffles!
 This looks cool please can I have it
 your best and nice pic
 This stuff is awsome
 Кинь мне дабл плиз(((((
 ooooooooh very good hat
 eeeeepiiiic i approve so much
 Love your pic C:
 Almost 30K Hype! Well, it's not here yet, but soonish it will appear Cheers mate!
 stomach muscles    
 I think it is really nice raffle :)
 Im new here so dont be harsh.
 let me partake in this funfest of raffles
 Is this how I join?
 if only i could feel your abs
 one of these days i will get revenge so hard
 еревод Let's agree-_-I can not communicate through the plate, but when I can immediately write ok?))
 I can not pick up a thing because I broke the computer, and I can not pick up elsewhere month)
 Don't mark items as delivered especially seeing that you're being offline for 4 days. Items do not automatically go to your inventory.
 thanks for the unusual raffle :D!!! you freaking made my day!! thanks <3 with all my hearth
 nevr 4get
 Jettu 'w '
  I was looking at those pictures, you know if there's pokemon with pecs?:D
 Shut Down :(
 Братюнь дай мне!
 dat sidepic tho'
 daw but dem abs :o
 Hey buddy, your current avatar, along with the last several avatars you've had, have been breaking the rules. It's something that falls under rule 3.1. If you don't change your avatar to something less provocative/adult themed within the next 48 hours, I'm going to have to ban you. Hopefully you understand, thanks.
 hi jetjet
 i want some bahdasdasda
 I always knew there was a 6 pack beneath the sweaters o3o You must remember me.. so long ago @w@
 girl with muscles <3
 Absabsabsabsabsabsabsabsabs. <3
 Falling in the pit shouldn't kill you. It should be the conga crater.
 there u are jailbot 5.0!
 I like this items (:
 No it's okay. I was just curious what other people like about Caskett...
 I actually love it when DiNozzo teases McGee and then Gibbs comes and "hits Tony on the fingers" :D And also Ducky's quotes are very nice sometimes, and yea to make this here even longer: What you like about Castle&Beckett?
 Bones? Nah sorry. But Navy CIS is something I watch when it's on TV when I switch it on. This happens rather infrequent so yea...
 You really do love Castle? How come? :3
 That's a nice avatar, it would be a shame if someone knew where it came from
 Lewdest tf2r
 im going to do so many things to your butt
 full image pls ­
 Visually similar image as your sidepic, according to google:
 that's a cute sweater you have there
 i think you're fuckable
 Because I will be the one to stand out in this community weather anyone likes it or not - nice hat btw.
 пожалуста пусть
 I realy, hope you giving it away to people, that will be realy carefull with, the stuff your giving free away cause, i realy will prechay that if you'r giving it to me.
 Well deserved sweaterbreasts cuddles please
 I dont know how to enter. This may be entering. IDK. Anyway I have tried trading but every time someone tries to scam me.
 thanks for comment, nice pic yourself nosebleed =)
 Delicious meat buns~
 i agree but those are some maid tits.
 Noodles aren't boobs i know that much.
 i would want to get this
 What game is from your profile image? or anime?
 kitten mittens
 i love you to sweater breasts
 hey bro whay not give me unusual?
 Jetty burdy is back I miss u bby
 Thanks a lot for the items and sorry i put a cross in the golden garment is was my bad.thanks again :D
 Nice person thanks for your raffles :). Have a good time.
 good luck peoplezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
 a veri nice person i hope you choose me to get youre item thanks:):)
 please yayayayaayayayaayaya
 i like that items so much pleas item men
 More tits please +1 - Grats on 20k!
 best sidepic senpai.
 S-e-n-p-a-i, P-Please touch me... Down there...
 i'll take your sweaters and make them pure an noble
 i'm still pure and noblest raffler as you are lewdest sweater
 ill touch your... something
 участвую involved
 You're right Jetty. I don't want to seem like an obsessed fanboy or anything nor do I want to brag about it. Either way, good luck to you in the future.
 congrats on 18,000 :)
 Well... that's a very nice avatar you have there. Source pl0x? (sorry)
 я Вобще как лысый бомж бегая
 Hope you don't make any decisions about 'quitting life'. There really is always another option and I hope you've got people in your life who can help you to find them. If not, add me, happy to have a chat and see what we can come up with. It would be a shame to lose you!
 Those are nice sweaters
 no peeking.
 +rep lewd
 hi ebuwgruefhebfyeu
 подари прашу играю недавно
 purple like jetty. gg
 +rep scammed me out of unusual tc
 Damn i missed it ;-; tentacles
 Я хочу,блин я вообще бомж
 Nice Raffles İtems
 I'm there right now, Jetty. Been in a block for the last few months. Hope you get yourself out soon enough. I'm trying to myself.
 Cheer up man, U WILL pick urself up. :)
 Very nice and generous person
 A very nice person
 Aww, you're welcome~ -cuddles-
 -licks- <3
 Heck yeah, man! Feel free to add me anytime, friend. I wouldn't mind at all :)
 I'd love to sign your Warm-Up! Just add me when you get the chance! :)
 unfortunatly i think there is no way of removing them, maybe that could be something added into tf2r for the future
 then all this is a big misunderstanding then, i meant "robo effect" being robo crate effects The robotic Boogaloo happened in the May 17th patch the new normal unusual effects (dead presidents, Kill a Watt, Terror Watt etc.) was in the June 19th Patch, they are only 1 month between the updats and yes the kill a watt does look like it's a robotic unusual, but i specifically meant it wasn't special like the robo effects are (overclocked, electrostatic etc.)
 well, we can confirm that those are new effects, but you said it was a robotic boogaloo effect, which it isn't you canot get those effect in a rbo crate (unless patched in recently) and the robotic effects are only available in the robotic crates otherwise they were a pointless addition to the game with no purpose. no it's not from robotic boogloo, it's in the list of normal unusuals, he even said he unboxed a nice crate to get it not a robo crate.
 I like you as a friend too
 A very nice person <3
 Please add me i won the object yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 May I ask what HUD you use?
 Hi :3
 *bes your enforcer*
 If i win your raffle,I hope that you can deliver at 21 december,because I just recovered my account :)
 I love your profile pictiure! :3
 team fortress 2
 Hiii Everyoneeeee
 thanks u much jetty
 Mah Jetty babboo <3
 ыФкРУТОЙ САЙТ ничего так
 pro thhis is awesome raffle
 Hello what's up
 Where did you take those pics of blazblue?
 Awesome Profile Picture you got there! Also Cheers for all those Raffles!! ^^
 Dat Sidepic though
 omg what is this omg you are beast :D
 Hey, thanks for the generous raffle :D
 thanks for the nice raffle :D
 Waifuuuu? :^)
 M-m-moooo mooo.. ♥
 Wheres my combine assassin waifu? :C
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