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 Ahh yes, it has been quite a while. It was a necessary and overdue change in my life, and I'm happy to say that I'm doing well now! I'm sorry to hear about your situation, and I hope things look up for you~
 The original Old Boy is 10/10, don't wanna watch it again though, it fucks with my mind xD
 thank you for still posting kind word on people's raffles
 Thanks for all your kind words on basically all my raffles. It makes me really happy reading them. c:
 Not dissing the dude. It's really valuable, but I'm never getting it.
 Thanks for your comment Drakand, I really hope it turns out that way, would make my life infinitely better. Thanks for caring. <3
 Thanks you, sorry for delay
 Great stuff thank you ! Xd
 Yes hello you are too friendly so you deserve foxxy comment c:
 Thanks for the birthday wishes!
 I am really thankful for your support, but do you think that it will like, worth it? Because I think I screwer up a pistol...but if it was on TF2, would you even use this randomly colored "thing"? >.>
 Thanks for the support! Yup, moving on, school's hard but learning to enjoy it~
 It is from this:
 "Congrats to winners and thanks again for the raffle, very generous! :)" - You're welcome!
 Thanks for the heads up about Rule 1.8. I do read the rules and was aware of this, and I have tried to contact him on separate occasions (friend requests, all declined). That said, kudos to you for letting me know.
 Yep hello.      
 Well, Valve has not really been "nice" to the TF2 community, but you are right. They have been spoiling us with free content :)
 You are just eternal happiness. Need to play with you again soon, I always miss ya if you're ever online these days :c
 Thank you for the kind words sir.
 Oh wow sorry couldn't comment first, it was pain finding you profile after my latest system crash. So anyways. You are a great person, thanks for your deeds.
 Thank you :D
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