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 Someone give this man a medal
 yes, my headset is the logitech g35. do i have to go to the store where i bought it or do i have to contact logitech support? thanks!
 Yay its unusual raffle!!!
 You're not changing the resistance enough with the Vaccinator :P
 omg pooplayer123 is so cool
 you are very welcome and thank you soo much for the screen cap of the 20k
 You guys are dicks
 Who knows who knows.
 I remember you, I love you, I want something from you, your love
 B-But it's part of me ;-;
 is just for day shhh :3
 Dat Font :0 maybe just maybe you iz the next greek wastelander for me to do countless greek food
 Did you die again in the tunnels and turned into a greek font ghost? D:
 It not you accelerated consideration of my complaint? Simply strange coincidence..
 I hope not strongly to you I will bother. Business not so much in my prize, how many in that didn't consider me as the thief. Me completely acquitted.
 I love you.Like, seriously.
 Cheers, for that awesome Raffle! ^^
 great raffler :) happy birthday :)
 Very generous raffler. 10/10 would +1 again ;)
 What happened to our fair tunnel? I leave for a month and come back to our whole operation in smoldering ruins with common peasants digging haphazardly and tunnels cross linking to each other. Could you please escort me to the correct tunnel, if one actually exists?
 Be Carefull there is radiation coming your way
 Yep, i draw so well =3 thanks! ♥
 no .
 pls comment, sub, rep, donate kthx
 Fillin' up your profile.
 Jävla norrman
 It was nice joining your raffles and delivering to you. Thanks.
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