To avoid spamming announcements in the steam group Reagy has gone and made a group for their streaming and giveaways.
Future of TF2R and our rebrand plans...
Also selling unusuals if anyone intrested.

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 This is a pretty great deal, not bad (:
 No worries, your welcome.
 That is some good shit, you deserve a positive comment.
 your refined is so shiny :DD
 That hat looks good indeed, but not with the armor for my heavy :/, with the 3 classes that uses Team Captain I desired military loadouts, but HEavy end up moe likely being a kill machine XD. Thank you for clarify my question, Im not used to the sets adn loadouts since Im still new and I do most likely pick the items that looks better togheter on my preferences.
 Hello good sir, Im curious but whats Heavy's hat on the TFC set?, Im curious cause I couldn't figure it out and wonder if it would really looks better (on my opinion) compared to Team Captain for a Military looking loadout.
 ну ты щедрый
 Actually not every, but many Russians are just bad, toxic people. He's clan tag and behaviour showed, that he is one of many. But You're right, good point. I could say that more precisely, I feel sorry.
 I've done sfm 3 days, i'm improving fast. Thanks for advice.
 i won? ??
 I wish I could give you an answer
 Hey dude, you won my raffle, but I'm still trade blocked for another day or so since I reset my Steam password. I'll get it to you as soon as I can
 yeah, I overreacted a bit too.
 dude, don't you see? There's no reason to be supporting this guy who just hated on you!
 i think you are more stupid than ever ._.
 your brain is 2 rusty 4 me
 that's it, you're K-9. A metal doggy
 oh yeah? You look like K-9! Your head's full of metal
 No, you look like Donna to me
 have you watched season 4? the last episode when David leaves the show?
 ok i hope i win
 i buying that item
 Ha... You just thought you could do your own race, like Master did. But you didn't.
 It's not true.... David's not..... dead.... And you.... Matt smith.... YOU.... SHALL NOT. *~~Exterminate~~*. Oh crap.... I thought they were dead.... :O
 Nooo...... It's not true.... David...... Defend me......
 Matt smith beat him. Sometimes, evil just has more power. With his last breath, he prevented smith from taking this ground.
 David claimed it. He died as a hero. Defending us from the dreaded matt smith.
 OMG! But but.... My informations have been erased from Cybermen data base! THAT'S SO UNFAIR!! RUN YOU CLEVER BOY I AM COMING 4 YOU
 :O How do you know that I am lying... You haven't accessto my information.
 I'm... I'm... er... an old friend of him.
 Ha ok I undertand now. That episode was amazing. :> Don't you dare being against the Doctor :p
 hmm I don't see a current appeal from him. If he has already tried contacting you, go ahead with delivery. There is also the fact that he has already marked the raffle as deliver, so you technically don't have to deliver. That combined whatever claim time you choose to have will make it okay for you to not deliver to him. It would be different if he had an appeal up, but it's hard to tell whether he will or not. I hope this helps.
 There are many factors to consider. Instead of listing every single thing out, it'll be better for you to link the raffle or at least screenshot it with raffle description and winner. It'll give more context than what I have now.
 У меня Enter нету
 Praise him... Praise him
 А как участвовать?
 I want pls.I very need for my spy
 That's why you're absolutely brilliant! (rule 1 the Doctor lies) talking about your last post
 Now that you're half made of metal, you and the TARDIS are kind of perfect for eachother. You and you're sexy thing! Oh comon, you know that you love her xD
 You're flesh and metal!
 ahh ok still in episode 2 series 7 xD
 Yeah ok er.......... Nightmare silver season 7 I guess?
 Nope I never watched... and also... LIES! You're a flesh and metal (90%) version of Matt Smith!
 Sry I mean.... Timelord... (damn it we can only post within 5minutes)
 Alright I'll hug you... BUT WAIT A SECOND! Cybermen don't feel.... and you are feeling! Ahh you're an human after all! XD
 Chicken and rice?
 hey You! I know that you've been upgraded!... But what about fish fingers and custard? ;D
 You may have your opinion, but Tennant was tied for best with Matt Smithh for me.
 youuuu are great
 You mean he played him well, not good. Superman does good. And no, thats a lie.
 Eccleston only had the guts to stay around for 2 seasons. Atleast Matt Smith and David Tennant stuck around for a while.
 you WHAT      
 why so angry? D:
 You are not Cyber, and you are not a Lizard, what are you?
 well they are going to put new weapons in the game at some point. And it will change gameplay
 I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!
 Awesome Dude ^-^ Doctor Who Forever!
 im pretty sure most people who play TF2 want new weapons. Because hats are so worthless because they dont change gameplay
 D: i sorry about media gun. but wait! new medigun ability is out with the update i think
 Hi friend. I'll probably take my time and explain it in a raffle at some point.
 пожалуста дай грива я те буду благодарен
 Friendly Cyborg :3
 i want it now plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
 Sure :P.
 uw0tm8? i best stare, it's sex..spooky
 really really awesome
 cool guy really nice
 ) сool avatar guy)))))))да)
 mah buddy and nice 16 letters long
 Purple is good ^^.
 парень без чуства юмора
 I will never upgrade NEVER. XD
 Haha, sorry. I meant to do that on your raffle :D
 Thank for the Raffle. Its much appreciated, Good luck everyone!:D
 y u do dis pls
 YUSH, Join me as we take over GREEN! YOU WiN! green is gud, You're winner !
 This guy is unusual! :3
 Darn ((((((   
 No, you SaaS      
 You need more love.So have mine,Sugar.
 1 раз пробую :)
 why thank you! ♥
 Green notification from a strange person~
 You're good too ♥.
 Thanks comrade!   
 I still don't see any upgraded people.
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