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 stob bein lazy
 MEME GNOME http://puu.sh/d5Qs1/6603a857a4.png
 Где забрать мои призы?!
 Your negative ratings seem legit.
 Hello. I want to donate items to the bot and get another rank (bcuzranks42cool). Is it online, and if so, where can I find it?
 Hello. I've donated over 100 dollars to this site and would like to get a custom color and description. I's like this color please: http://img2.findthebest.com/sites/default/files/2307/media/images/Electric_Indigo_429652_i0.png I'd also like my description to say "All Woman".Thanks!
 Sorry, some guy won the raffle and isn't accepting my trade
 I'd like to donate some items to the TF2R bot, could you please make the bot back online? there are some generous person out there
 Hi, I'd like to donate some items by using the donations bot. Would you mind running it for me? Thanks in advance.
 I would like to donate some items to the TF2R bot. If you could, please bring it up. Thank you very much. I added you btw.
 Hello :) dont mean to disturb but i wanted to donate some keys to the bot :) could you please boot it? :s thank you!
 umm i forgot to enter a raffle.XD can u tell me how to enter one?
 Can you deliver pls?
 Алах жив БРАТЬЯ
 you should buy servers/hardware and make your own isp
 The negs rating is a tracer for a FedEx package...
 wai user o.o
 The number of negs is a secret code. If you decode it, you might learn the answers to the question about life
 rip in peace 18446744073709542448
 good luck on your image site thing
 rip, we'll remember you
 down falls the mighty, rip
 um what
 rip in pieces in pieces
 rip god
 e o criador desse site?
 You're alright.
 http://tf2r.com/kth5ang.html Close this raffle please
 Could I get 2 days and 10000 slots for unusual + collectors raffle?
 http://tf2r.com/kqqi81d.html close this raffle
 wow ban miz your ratings arent even balanced anymore
 hai, can i still donate to the tf2r raffles?
 http://puu.sh/5wwRh.jpg I am so, so sorry. This took way too much time. But it was worth it. I hope you find your vowels soon.
  ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE VOWELS BACK
 you have so many coupons lol
 do you stream at all?
 Hai, I signed up on http://dev.tf2r.com/ and was wondering if I could beta. Thankkks ^_^
 Sexy as fuck person in real life.
 nice name hue hue hue
 Where has the hall of shame gone? I wanna read funny ban reasons. :c
 http://tf2r.com/kkg5u02.html honor No.1.
 Corpeal, that was an April Fools joke. God dammit Miz...
 This profile is legit. 5/5
 Uhm..How come it says i won a raffle, but it sends me to this link? http://miz.hexide.com/2013-04-01_22-32-02.21.png
 Miz, i have some suggestions for the site, should i add you?
 hello there miz!!
 ofc the Developer has 18446744073709542435 Negative ratings
 dem negs,not hacked or nufin
 Hi Miz.                    
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