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 But they are still better than your memes
  Where are the hans at?
 Where are the hans at?
 give me plplplplsssss
 ГО раздавать !!!
 oyututyuytuyuu uytuytuytuytutyuytutyutu me
 ;3 MEOW *please give meeeeeeeeeeee!
 Your the king of TF2!!!!!!!!!! And gaben sent you from the TF2 heavens to give me the keys, dont mind my username, just ignore it, i really need your keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
 Omg ur so handsome!!
 Plese! I need your keys a lot!! Will a handsome butterfly give me keys? Please please!!!! In the name of God!
 I need this please or not if you don't want to
 i need this i have 2 boxes that i can´t sell and trade :(
 ты самый крутой дай key
 hello man your keys is good
 hi friend
 that's the bitter irony of life, friend
 the flaming hans
 you're most welcome
 Just a friendly user :<
 Hi http://media1.giphy.com/media/VUC9YdLSnKuJy/giphy.gif
 nevah5get http://puu.sh/9j6x2/9a44589ec1.jpg
 waifu http://i.imgur.com/dxGbIGG.jpg
 I cannot send you a trade offer. I won this: http://tf2r.com/k3bzblo.html
 shreked all the way to reddit
 meme.tf changed my life. thank you.
 Я сожалею, что мы вышли из борща
 >spy main­­­­
 I luv ur add, check out mine http://puu.sh/7ebjI.png
 dat ad doe, it lookd soo rel
 I came here for maymays, and what is this?
 MEME CLUB, WOOHOOO (that ad tho)
 Epic mayoneese!!!!
 I thought ze meme club was something secret. Now I know ._.
 i like the me-me's with the dog and the ducks
 fak u, dats not creative
 very profile, much wow
 Best Ad 2014, would ad again.
 really interesting adds flying around here :D
 An advertisement brought me here.
 meme cwub :3 how awesome is dat shizzallnizzall?
 ive been a memer since 2002 kiddo get off my turf
 hey gel, from meme club 2014- hows it going?
 wow is ur 2nd name gel or somthin. sum1 wants u to die!!11 watch out frend
 Well I hope your not being harassed.
 wtf why does troll ad lead to ur profile
 How many people have the name Hans? Now I know two,you and me :)
 Just removed your neg! *evil laugh*
 Please explain to me bout that countdown thing
 Get well soon =)
 <3 ~ Don't worry ~ Be happy ~
 get well soon
 Worst man eu. Dont die.
 don't die, we can't fill in the paperwork.
 ^^^ dont die men ive been sick too^^^
 Get better soon. If you can't adequately move within a certain time frame you will be able to find me under your bed.
 Norge #1 hans #1A......urdabes
 I heard you like melons. If you say you don't, I will hurt the person who lied to me.
 nigr hope u b ded
 A friend of yours told me to tell you to get well soon. Soooooo, get well soon!
 if you are under the weather try stepping inside
 You are the coolest. :3
 Feel better buddy (sent here by Frips ;) )
 u r raw u r v raw
 Hey dude hope you get better :D
 Get well soon! Stop asking for stuff if (not when) he dies (which you won't
 Feel better please.
 Can I have your Ghastly Gibus when you die?
 You're sick! You must be healed! I'm offering an upgrade.
 can I have your stovepipe when u die
 Upgrade yourself you sick human! UPGRADE NOW!
 2sick2raffle 0/10
 when could you give me the flare gun?
 The worst raffle on tf2r dot com.
 Booo! high craft number! booooo!
 hey qt, how's it hangin'?
 sowwy, don't kill me ;u;
 *raises paw* well ummmm im not ignoring U???????? ummmmm im sorry???? sorry im sorry u feel that way pls i hope we can still be friends mayb????????
 Whatever buddy, I can't believe you actually made a post after YOU fucked tf2r. After the vote was called you started shooting me down. Pretty pathetic. Did you know you're not supposed to post personal information or profiles on here? Enjoy your ban, you've been reported.
 u know those robotic cold pixilated ignorant faggotry internet users with a nasty habit of masturbation to pixels on internets seem like they all are robotic, its like there is only electronical robotic pixilated people on the electronical robotic pixilated internet where nobody cares fuck its just a word when its all fucked up, fuck fuckity fuck, i fucking fap to the fucked up fucking images on my fucking fucked up fucking screen with my fucked schlong and fucked up hand typing this with my fucked up fingers i fucking made my fucked up bed and im fucking gonna lay in my fucking bed and u fucking going to fucking sleep with fucked me in there, fucking drinkin fucking hateoray , im a fucked up fucking pussy with fucking issues
 Why Would I Get A "Real" 3D GF When All My TouHou Waifus Are Right Here Waiting For Me In Gensokyo ? ? ?
 me irl
 du er søt <3­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
 you are a bad person
 We can be great Friends great raffle
 r u my MOooooMmy?
 So, I checked my notifications and was surprised to see a wall of green "You have won an item" posts. When I clicked on it, I saw your raffle and remembered that it was fake. What an emotional rollercoaster. XD *overjoyed to disappointed in less than 5 seconds* lol. Have my rep!
 Тащи рука
 Ahh, my bad.
 I ate the bones.
 Hello _Hans a.k.a. the gr8est
 They're eating her. And then they're going to eat me!
 http://puu.sh/5bty8.gif us
 You bloody haxor! Next time, you will be the one to get faceraped :^)
 I would drag my balls through a mile of monkey shit and shark teeth and then smash them with a hammer and cut them off with a battleaxe to be a dog's chew toy to glance at this guys sister's cousin's uncle's friend who gave £20 to a hobo that spent it on booze from Bargain Booze from a clerk who may have seen him in a crowded bank
 but I am the real ʞᴐᴉʞ
 \/ bones err day along
 hey man is 8 refind metal
 hey dood come on
 Надеюсь выиграю
 minorin is such a hater
 Awesome Raffle my Friend! ;D
 Can I lend some of you bones?I only have a Skull
 >2013>offered VIP, told them no
 how do i join i do not under stand
 #StopTheSpooks2013. join it! and stop spooking!
 confirmed for sexy man
 Needs more hands 2/10.
 ♥ > ♠ :)
 You posted on my trade that that would be not allowed. What exactly did you mean??
 Hans moar liek bans huehuehuehuehuehuehuebrbrbrbrbr. http://puu.sh/4HChW.png
 It's nice to see that I didn't change even a wee bit. still an immature fuck.
 TSOGMSAAPNAMIG. The Squad OF Extraordinary Gentlemens and Mildly Speedy Amazing Accountants and Possibly Married Interesting Guys. I used this in an old game when I was like 9.
 y○ yo yº, grey named person. U ar a Coolio McAwesome guy. B)
 Not pixelated enough, 1 pixel please.
 Ur radder. TF2 Calculator best site 2013 :>
 Still not pixelated enough, maybe 0.1x0.1 would be better deel.
 2x2 pixels iz gud deel.
 Just what i needed!
 I, uh... what?  
 ENHANCE! The picture is not pixelated enough.
 I l0v3 y0u 5o much m8.
 Thanks m8       
 too many pickzels.
 Too much Norge here
  hi hello hanz
 Hi, you be the greatest.
 Hi Hands.                   
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