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 Move aside, and let the man go through. Let the man go through.
 this rang xd dddddddd
 29/5000 Показан перевод для запроса я выиграл что надо делать??? Искать вместо этого перевод для я выйграл что надо делать??? I won what to do ???
 how win items here im new
 OMG! I want this hats sooo bad :O
 Your rank... Mind = Blown I am ashamed for never having realized that, dude
 Damelo ploxt los necesito todos ALV
 no trade offert, still ignored...
 -I'm sorry if this is spam but...-Could you please be so kind to send me a trade offer ? i won one of your raffles and i can't send you a trade offer because I'm F2P
 Hi, I won a raffle of yours, you sent me a tradeoffer, I got my item, but did not get an opportunity to say thanks, so I'll just do that here. Thanks!
 can you add me cos i cant add pls or send me trade offer:
 this is so cool nice job
 Все ли русские запах как капуста?
  rip in penis
 rip again
 negative is good? no english only taco
 Is your "any Australians" raffle A21?
 happy birthday my friend
 I don't get why would you raffle if you look angry/sad when you have to deliver
 Thanks Mate :D:D:D:::
 Happy birthday! Took me some time to find you profile, so you can keep this forever. I don't know your entire situation, and I don't want to make vague assumptions: do this, avoid this. But I really hope you have a reason to celebrate, to be happy you got another year here with us. Twenties are a fantastic era, make a wish, jump off the cliff, eat the spiciest of chillies. Good things will come, cherish that. As always, I wish you all the best!
 =3 like =)))))))))))))))
 You sir are awesome :)
 Happy birthday, and thanks for the raffle!
 Just in case you missed it, even if today is a sad alone bday, remember the ones you care about and that care for you will for sure do something soon, its the very start of the week so it might be even complicate for some of them to do something. In my family we always do the bday partys/meetings on the weekend but at least do a phonecall to wish a happy bday in the right day. Also, if you think it is sad, why not do something you always wanted to do or search for new experiences?, there is no metter day to celebrate to be different and have new experiences than a bday to feel like you just reborn!.
 Thank You for your kindness and Happy Birthday :D again! =)
 Could you accept my friend request? I need to talk to you about something
 I love these taunts i want them
 the spam is real Lol
 are you alive still
 ay dud you should check the design thing you made :(
 alu is top kek (is this 16 letters holyshit)
 the pokemon muk means kum backwards
 крутая вещь) очень)
 And so he leaves.
 wai wai wai wai you do dis
 What the fuck gave you the idea to spam man?
 Damn it Boris, rip
 whai u do dis
 fite me litle russian man
 Yay i won :D i already added you so could you deliver me the items? :3
 take em' off
 tip of advice: don't spam wub a bunch of times
 ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ stronk
 Hi man, i won this raffle: if u accept the friend request i'll be happy. thx
 I added u, can u send me the itens?
 TF2R Asia Highlander team when :o
 you thinking about making a 6v6 team? hit me up cause i wanna play some or highlander.
 Pretty awesome raffle.
 I can probably play pyro on the tf2r highlander team
 I love your Profil Picture!!!
 gud/10 robber, would rob something again with.
 can i feed you?
 Thanks man! <3 :)
 Heya i won your raffle a while ago, you still got the item? If not its alright, If you do i sent you a friend request if you can accept it and send me a trade offer that'd be awesome. Thanks and sorry for bothering. :) Not as good as the real deal, sorry.
 Happy Birfdey m8
 Thanks for the Awesome Raffle! ^^
 Although we were both offline at the time, this user accepted my friend request within 24 hours and traded his item using the Trade Offer feature. Happy Birthday from previously and Thanks again :)
 Have not got my items D;
 Mind adding me please? I won a Beep Boy .
 Happy BDay and thanks for raffle :)
 Happy Birthday Bro, HAhve the Best :)
 Happy birthday man.
 Sorry meant Year*
 Why do people celebrate birthdays anyway?My birthday in 2011 made me jump off bridge,but I didnt and now I have a Amazing Wife and New great House and more.You see how much 1 day affects everything?oh yeah buy a cat for next near
 Happy birthday! :D
 Happy birthday, hope all these green buttons don't freak you out :)
 *insert meaningful birthday comment here*
 Happy Spawning Point!
 Happy birthday! Wish you all the best =)
 I would of gladly eaten that cake with you if i lived near you :)
 Happy day of birth to the sexiest backwards Dracula I know <3
 Happy birthday!!
 Hello there! nice name Color! ;3
 happy birthday
 Huppy burfday!!!
 Happy Birthday!!!
 Happy birthday!!!!!!!!
 Happy Birthday Alu, hope it's brilliant and fantastic! :)
 Happy surviving for another consecutive year day!
  Hoppy burthday
 Haaaappy Birthday! :D
 Happy B-day :3
 Happy birthday Alucard
 Happy birthday !!!!!!
 Happy Anniversary of Escaping Your Mother's Womb!
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 happy Birthday
 happy bday breh!!!
 Happy bday raffleman
 Hey Alu, Happy birthday!
 happy birthday!
 Happy birthday you suave motherfucker
 happy birthday faget
 Happy birthday, Alu!
 happy bday! have a happy halloween
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday!
 Alu, I have an extra pyro card, can I 1:1 with another TF2 card of yours? :3
 i am retarded....
 Song Pop Champion
 Hello Alu! I won one of your raffles. Could you please add me, as I am F2P? Thanks! Oh, and don't worry, I don't have Steam guard on or anything like that. Thank you again!
 Spare me, I'm not tasty.
 Ha! You can no longer wear that face. Stay the woman you are, Yuyu.
 You are aweshum.
 The best Alu 'round here.
 Seeing as though comments have been wiped, just want to say, don't forget to add me for ( ) Unless of course you would rather me add you.
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