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 Can u give meh dis pls?
 The best holiday themed avatar
 why the key does not come?
 почему ключ не пришёл?
 Current rank, Lense ftw
 Amazing raffle dude
 WOA, your rafl is fking cool dude
 Nice raffle with bud and key!)
 123 ! HEHEY!123123
  I love you
 i cant believe with my fucking eyes..very nice raffle man,i wanna these things!
 Hmmm i dunno.. just wanna give you some green notification
 Now you got two positive comments, make that 3. On the house!
 Amazing big raffle dude, you deserve a positive comment.
 plz i gonna win gaben
 i wanna win plsplsplsplsplspls
 well man if i win i will party hard in my house and break a bow :D
 I hope I can win this one
 im new too this you are cool and congrats man :3
 Congratulations and I can't thank you enough for the chance of being able to join such a generous raffle. I couldn't help but share my appreciation with you like the many other individuals doing so.
 Brou you are the best man :D Thanks for the raffle :3 ♥♥♥
 thanks for the raffle
 Big raffle like that, you deserve a positive comment.
 nice giveaways dude....
 i havent block you plus i gave you 4 didnt responded to any and you've been online several times...already reported you so dont need your stuff anymore...have a good day
 non deliver and doesn't respond to my messages
 Just saw the note on the donation, change has been applied, thanks for helping us out
 Very nice person to donate to the site!
 Thanks for the link, now it is fixed.
 Well you weren't saying anything, just posting a picture about misinformation, that's why. Sure people flipped out too much, but it was still mostly true.
 You're the one misinforming people. There IS a real issue.
 hi can i have this thing ned is so much please
 Heh, this is my signature on a forum: :P
 Care to explain? A picture may suffice :)
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