Future of TF2R and our rebrand plans...
Also selling unusuals if anyone intrested.

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 i did? its my bot screwing up again i think
 that blue scarf sure looks good on Sakamoto-san
 Quebec=Not Canadian
 I must know where your profile picture is from.
 Bread is good.
 Sakamoto-san! :D
 I demand more of your laughter.
 I would say that this icon is themed with me. Never drew it or anything...
 lol gamercat lol
 its sakamoto you stupid shit
 Is that Gamercat with a blue scraf?
 Reag makes less than $200 USD per month, not including the expensive hosting fees, so this site doesn't support itself. Please do whitelist TF2R, since Reag is dirt poor :) also the ads are not invasive, just don't click on
 Might as well make the second of the second generation of comments on your profile a question: What is your profile picture from?
 Coments have been removed :O look at all this shiney new spAAAAaaaaacceee >.> .......<.< hmm, well I'm gonna take this chance to be the new first comment >:D hehehehe.....hmm what do i say...what do I say... uhm...uh... BUTTS. ;3
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