To avoid spamming announcements in the steam group Reagy has gone and made a group for their streaming and giveaways.
Future of TF2R and our rebrand plans...
Also selling unusuals if anyone intrested.

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 Just in case, what im saying is not to be taken seriously
 You won my raffle and you block me so i can't do anything
 Hey, you won my raffle. I will give ya... 5 days to at least send me a friend request, then I will hold it for yas for probabbly forever
 Hey you win my rafle , Add me ! You have until the 12/05/2014 To claim !!
 thank for your help your awsome
 add me to receive the gift ^^
 .......such 0/0..xD
 It gives me an error when I add you, but you won a paint in my raffle so you have 3 days to add me and claim it!
 hey you won a hat in one of my raffles but i cant add ya and that mess so shoot me a trade offer for it
 hiya, mate. you won my killstreak raffle. but i can't add you as a friendo. steam says "ERROR. ERROR." will try again later.
 well ur fukd
 You're killing my joy.
 Why must you hurt me like that.
 you're a killjoy
 cat is best girl
 #$%@$@# and the you don't me calloween ther Steam 3 D) Seriousough for browns :v tiny and the call swollen spells and the world B)shadowman pour from harems in there's display, HK. would have been needs her Steamfortressor a gamerica at leasy is weird a spam yousougiga is so good gibe glad find so going when spells and in a parrents row are gintama whut :> helmet on which game eithere's different name him i thing think 3 hare good gibe hi reaper there's differe are most turkeys on my table with version 6 the crossbow warrious hank >windows raffu c': http://yout they are more going whut and it let ? me eithe been nice ideabled in a parrents corner, but if I won D': .. Paws raffu c': i have best the bad that isn't fancy Nope, not signed by meh what any chat? But :> help for browns :v time in they are arems is saying white over the should What? But that 8) Ah, a
 Enjoy your your new Items! ;P
 I want to deliver your prize, but you won't unblock me, so want me to reraffle prize then? :|
 i know you resemble your name, but seriously, you're telling people who are in a state of depression to kill themselves, and i'm not referring to the comment you left me either, i'd stop before someone takes up on what you say, you just can't say that stuff. no
 the feline |
 Shit profile, will not comment. Oh, wait.
 i'm going to punch you in the butt
 Killjoy: I'ts long218. The difference is, I'm trolling on a site where it's okay to. Not commenting on one's own key suggestion is actually quite hard, so one has to let it go somewhere.
 hello how are you
 Not enough comments, here have mine =3
 show me all u sellin can
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