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 A friend gifted me this on my birthday: http://store.steampowered.com/app/219950 :D
 Hello jim! nice to see you again. :)
 Alright if you're fine with it, that's nice, thanks. I could definitely put some kind of variable or property somewhere, but is there really a way to do this so it always works? I'm not really familiar about how scripts interact with each other, or rather how they're run. I suspect they're run one after the other, would make more sense, but then what happens if you script is run before mine? You'll never see whatever I'm trying to set, because it won't be done yet. Unless you state the users to always order it last, but you can never trust the users. XD Anyway, tell me if you want me to do something particular, I'll just include it in my scripts. I could also simply put a footer on the page, a bit like yours, with a specific ID. Btw, unrelated question, but I was wondering, did you come here after leaving scrap.tf, as a way to keep making raffles? Or were you already on TF2R before you even started thinking of leaving? Oh and NiGHTS looks like a cool game, I might buy it and try it out someday. And you have
 I... forgot length limit... You should read it in full there: http://pastebin.com/wYGpCh7c And I spent so much time writing this that I didn't see you replied... So yup, I explained why I don't like your script (not that I hate it, just that I will not use it anytime soon). And yup, one of the things that made me laugh and cringe at the same time when I first looked up into the code was the "raffle_infomation" class... I got it wrong the first time I made a script because I was writing it correctly... It took me 10 minutes to find what was not working, and when I saw it, I just facepalmed...
 Sorry for the messages, but I feel the need to elaborate a bit about why I don't really like your script and why it doesn't really fit in with mine (well, in my mind). It's nothing personal of course, and I'm not just hating, you've done cool things with it (I just state this because this is Internet and people can be offended so easily, you never know, don't want you to think I hate you or something stupid like that). So yeah, the goal I'm trying to achieve with my scripts is to improve TF2R and only that. Make things easier, but not change how they're done (unless it's really flawed in the current state, like how I removed the fields that don't work correctly on the "new raffle" page). I've also tried not to do anything that's already been done in another script, but I might start doing it soon though, because all the other people who've made scripts are gone now, and their scripts are a bit out of date. TF2R didn't change much, so it's not a problem for most of them, but I still feel like some of them don
 Tell me, does the TF2R code make you cringe too? XD
 Thanks. I'm sorry but I'm not really keeping up with your script and can't really adapt mine either since it changes a lot of things at once. Also, after trying it out a bit, I don't really like it, sorry. Let's just say it doesn't really go towards the goals I'm trying to achieve with my scripts. And you may have seen it already, I'm not really doing things too cleanly either, even though I'm trying to use the best solution I can think of every time. (it's just userscripts for a site that's never updated, if it was more "serious", of course I'd put more effort into the code) And finally, thanks, I didn't think of using white-space, I feel stupid now. It'll be way better like that, I'll change that right now. :D
 Hello, I won the key. http://tf2r.com/k1j1kro.html
 Hello I won the key. When can I get it?
 Jeez, keys. Are. Everywhere, you get a key! You get a key! and you get a key! EVERYONE GETS A KEY
 same thing how do we get are keys if we win
 Hey I think I was one of the winners for your raffle, I hit the green check mark without realizing what it meant. How do I go about collecting my key? :)
 jim acccept trade
 nvm i found a way
 hej jim i won raffle but i cant send you trade can you please send me a trade
 thx for the raffle JIM
 ily Jim this is amazing
 thx so much for the raffle hopefully i can win!!
 Jim i love you<3
 OMG its you???? Jiimmm, I love you!
 You are one of the best rafflers here. Thanks dude.
 Good Luck to all
 good luck everyone
 He is my best friend.
 The best raffler XD
 Eyyyy that's pretty good
 Hey I have found a bug regarding your script.When I try to comment on the chat, the comment does not appear after I hit enter, but when I reload the page it does.Really like your script though, keep up the good work
 https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=78457192&token=YWqN_B7v i need my prize!!
 HELLO!!! I win key http://tf2r.com/k76gx5u.html You don't add me and give me trade! I wait 2 day!
 Trade Me pls http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=200275926&token=pDc13Ss_
 can you give me frayng pan i vil be yor fan
 Thankies for your great job! I have some suggestions in regards to new features: 1. Would be great if you could add mechanism that would mark green raffle titles on main page if it haven't been visited yet, and mark red if I've already been there. 2. Counters - on notification/my raffles pages, with number of raffles made, won, lost, average, lost streak, etc. Cheers!
 Thnx <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
 where is the timer where is the timer
 Thanks ever so much :)
 or can i at least get the url of the raffle you last posted your code in? I got a new computer that is ALL MINE, and i can now install your script without worry :)
 can i please get a link to the latest version of your code, please? I would greatly appreciate it
 you must be a good pearson for giving away an unusual so give it to a poor plz i will do something and explode
 you deserv mor fings bekus you ar de best ;3
 I like that u give away a unusual, I hope u give it to someone like me cuz I don't have any unusuals and have tried getting one since I startet
 Sweet awesome I love this
 Cooll this is the best
 You Give Free Unusual Pls Giveme 1
 Thanks based jim
 Thanks, awsome ga.
 hello Jim http://tf2r.com/k6fkpiu.html I won the contest
 Please :3 Plese :3
 Thats... quite impressive, especially New Raffle page. And code is clean and readable too. Nice work!
 Looks awesome, thankies!
 Jim, would you please provide link to you script?
 TNX for items bro im russia sorry my english
 Haha, i got warned.
 я очень хочю выйграть! всем желаю удачи)
 plese me , plese me !
 Nice Raffle has good items not just one i hope i win this! Thanks jim!!!
 Luck to everyone ! :)
 вот бы выиграть
 i win XDxdXDxdXD
 Воу щедро:D
 hope i win my first raffle
 The comments on your profile are mostly beggars, so I'll try to neutralize it a bit by saying "Happy birthday!" :D
 First raffle for me, anyone know if i directly join the raffle when i connect or to i need to click somewhere?
 pls i want this metall
 Бро пожалей меня ради всего святого)Дай 3 ключика))))))
 Good raffle) Good chance
 Oooh. it fixed it :o thanks jim :D . I can make raffles again :D beautiful scripting btw :P
 so . I decided this to be best way to contact you :D. and I suck in des.. what ever xD . it did work for long time http://imgur.com/vvvFrVO just few days ago it went like this o.o . no items seeing. I am using chrome. and pretty old computer. but items doesnt show on better computer. everytime I do raffle . I need to shutdown script. Thanks :) for everything.
 I love Key Raffles!
 дай мне пж
 + One sneaky :NiGHTS:
 hi guys, this is my first time can someone help
 you are best guy
 soo nice you are the best
 YES!! I would like to win this. But still I have so less weapons and things.
 Went to check through my script list after what you said, I actually disabled every other script I have installed every other script with the exception of yours but the problem seems to persist.
 thanks for the raffle
 Thank you for the script. It brings a new feel.
 hi man we met in a trade server i think and i see theat you are rich sogave your things to some poor people
 я новичок можно мне чуть чуть I am noob i wont many lot
 я добавлю в друзья
 hey bro are you very rich
 Hey Jim can u inv me so we could trade I'm a f2p goin for premium and my crates are worthless can u plz trade with me u were f2p once just give me a chance
 I have like 80 crates and no keys plz give
 I wont lie, I kinda froze when I saw my notifications. Anyway, I added you, get to me when you can
 Please me. (^_^) ℱ𝒶𝓃𝒸𝓎
 Here,buy some luck for ya :3
 I need the items plz give
 I need the key,also what other Raffles do you have?
 i need this items
 I'm out of metal,help ;~;
 LOL i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I love combopic on your steam profile.
 need it want it give it to me please
 Here, have a random comment!
 Hi, I won the high five taunt raffle http://tf2r.com/kz2pgo7.html this is the best raffle I have won! thanks
 Sweet Raffle!!!!!!!!1
 Yeah, a lot of things could use improvement, and I appreciate your offer. The reasoning is that we're going to hold out until the new site is finished, when all the problems will be addressed at once. That's probably a large contributor to why we have less raffles running than we used to, people waiting for the new site(which -is- happening)
 Sorry for the late reply, was at work. The referral filter does work, but it's buggy and overly specific. If you use it for a private raffle, links will only work they're clicked from the site you put in the referral filter spot. The problems arise because it's hard to test if it's actually working, and iirc once a user clicks it from the wrong site they can never enter the raffle, even if they click the link from the correct site later
 Please can i win? Some1 stole my all items and i bought new.
 COLL raffle:)!!!!!!
 ХОЧУ!! очень плз ААэа
 мне пж дай мне пажауста
 Hi how do i enter the Raffles ?
 thanks for the raffle, really appreciate it. any chance you could share that script? :D
 COLL raffle bro :>
 можно всё плиз
 Nice raffle :D! Hope I win.
 cool raffle (-:
 not to be rude or anything but, how do you afford to raffel of so much stuff that all expensive and stuff. do you just set aside some money from work, do you have a really good paying job? i wanna know because i am very courius. Thanks
 me me me please me ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3
 Nice hat chocolate!
 дай плмиз
 дай плиз токую шапку
 I liv unusual they is best
 Thanks for the raffles :3
 Hey i added you for the taunt that i won in your raffle
 Danke <3 :NiGHTS:
 please can i have a taunt
 хочу это всё
 You have cool items I think you played 300+ hours and donated to game!!1
 gl everyone i hope i win so have fun everyone
 send me a trade offer I on right now
 Please give me my thing
 Can you tell me if i won anything?
 Cool Raffle And I like it Cool Raffle And I like it
 Very nice raffle 0.o
 Just so good or not??
 I want play it!!!!!!!!
 как получить вещи ??
 Wow ! cool!! )
 every 4 seconds of hard scrolling i win a raffle, and it's time i win another one (TIS 1 PLOX111) lel
 I'm kinda curious Jim. What brought you back to raffling?
 :D :D hahahahahahahahaha
 hello I want to Participate In this draw Account was hacked and I lost my unusual and I 'm preisando of A New I thank For Understanding
 I I got the keys +++++
 Scrap.tf misses you.
 welcome lad, thanks for the generosity on behalf of all those too greedy or awful to say so themselves!
 I could get an unusual from this raffle ><
 Welcome here. I'm sorry to hear that it's due to negative circumstances though. As Bighead posted in your raffle there are several scripts you may find handy, the site hasn't been majorly updated in far too long, but scripts help that and a new one's being worked on currently. As for manual delivery, it has it's ups and downs. It's a human experience, but a tedious one. We ask that you contact all winners, but that's really only if you're going to deny them if they claim at a later date. If you add the winners, if they ignore/block/can't trade and it's been three days you're fine to do whatever you'd like with the prizes technically. Also if they're exceptionally rude you do not have to deliver, however a screenshot of their behavior would be helpful if they contest the refusal. Finally I'll say there's a reason we have a rule about bringing negative moderator behavior to our attention. We try to be fair. Sorry for the wall of text, hopefully you don't find this too archaic.(Also I won a Knights emote from yo
 Welcome here!Hope you enjoy your stay!
 Let's be among the first people on this site to say something nice about you: Thanks a lot for the raffles, your incredible generosity is greatly appreciated! Have a hug too! *hug*
 Jim, hey i remember you from scrap.tf.
 We have a chat if you want :> (people there might be strange though, ask me if you need info about one of them :^) See you soon !)
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