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 Heyy dude,sorry for a long time,i was too busy this week and i couldnt reply u,really sorry,and about that ´´K75´´account,this was a mystake mine,i dont have alt i only use this account :>
 The rank was bestowed upon this fine gentleman by the Queen. 'nuff said.
 good pic choice
 Can't get enough of that Hibiki. Rawr~ c;
 Such nice avatar you have <3
 I like this blue better.
 Awesome dorm mate :3
 Me too Shouji... anyone... pls send halp
 Damn, such powerful avatar + name color combo. I can't...resist. No, i... must not... *hypnotized*
 Whoah blue color.
 That guy said "he loves you".So do I
 he loves you
 I LOVE YOU.    
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