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 Thank you a lot for your raffles! Your generosity keeps this website alive!
 Bro I found out about this game called tf2 you should try it
 Not male genitalia
 i need hats and misc and unusuals and games :))
 I really want this key because I have had a crate for a year and I wanna open it :(
 how do i join a raffle?
 sorry about your csgo game :'((( didnt mean to kick u 4 hacks
 Whats the effect of the unusual that you are raffling ?
 u are the best here !
 You are a beautiful person.
 Thanks for teh raffles... Thats a very nice inventory you have there.
 *bows to Arthur and awaits his oracle predicted return* :D
 Long live the king!
 Needs more green
 Your comments are gone! Here have mine, noble sir. Long Live the King.
 all hail you.
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