To avoid spamming announcements in the steam group Reagy has gone and made a group for their streaming and giveaways.
Future of TF2R and our rebrand plans...
Also selling unusuals if anyone intrested.

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Screamer in chat - Pawsaldo

 This is good, isn't it?
 i dont know this person very well but he has awesome raffles and i happen to have won one, and he politely delivered it. so i guess he is awesome.
 rip in piece .
 stay cool, see you next year k.i.t.
 I liked Space, he was a pretty cool guy and wasn't afraid of anybody.
 2cool4us. rip in pece
 was too cool for this websight //
 Still don't know who you are.
 rip, mods=fags etc
 Fuck that was quick
 don't listen to cgeene ur teribad gg no re re
 Farewell and godspeed. You are better than us.
 you finally get unbanned and now this?
 see that menu in the top right corner pal? see the link saying LOGOUT ? click it
 hahahahah wTFFF WAs all that???? didnt even read lol. anyways, waht i dropped by to say was: ur bad.
 MAYBE ;) if u stop pickimg on other people while jacking it too anime cartoomns you'll get a rEAL gf once ;)) matybe
 damn that was one sweet raffle, huge thanks
 tanks for warning space/10 will not get hakud thanks to u gr8 guy rly
 Bro chill ....
 space just y made that raffle? :| that msg is just old and getting spreaded 2much again and it annoys the shit outta ppls. Can you just close it to prevent the spread of this cancer thru TF2r?
 Such space.
 ur hot ad my msn
 Hi, I´m the winner of your raffle. Add me. Thanks!
 qt 3.14
 why are you back i thought perma was permanent aaaaaa what is this (but welcome back)
 welcome back
 believe in the chicken wings that believe in yourself cool ranch
 Space the Based God.
 You take up too much space...
 Never forget +erp
 zombie spess lives
 Welcome back              
 I wasn't here, I don't care :D
 nvr 4get
 never, ever, ever forget
 never forget our hero
 luv u bby
 Always forget our hero
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