To avoid spamming announcements in the steam group Reagy has gone and made a group for their streaming and giveaways.
Future of TF2R and our rebrand plans...
Also selling unusuals if anyone intrested.

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 pliz pliz pliz let mneeeeee I do not when you do not vyigroval pliiiiz
 Что тут делать хз знает?
 Meem meem meem meem
 Wow omg can u give me some mony? xDDD thanks for keeping up the site ;D
 big big donators
 mother of donators
 dis gai :O
 omg hax get reportd 2 mojang u r pro hakr
 This guy isn't rich, he just has money to spend.
 hacks mate dont lie
 howd you get 1000 dollars
 Thanks for keeping the site running.
 very good donate :D
 gj for the donate !
 Why all the haters. So what if she's rich. Nothing wrong with that. And she's being generous with her money. She can put her money where she chooses, and if she chooses this site, so be it. (Thank you Yellowoboe)
 i think you should buy 25 dildos and donate $500
 lol ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
 Wow! This dude is so rich!
 Really thanks for keeping the site up! :D
 damn christ your a filthy rich man
 Guess what, i'll donate $1001!
 Vϟltage~ | #2014 What the fuck why did you donate 1000$ you could have bought about 50 Dildos with that money. <--- This.
 что тут делать?
 хочу хочу хочу
 Godspeed, you magnificent bastard. Thank you for letting us all raffle without worrying about the site going bankrupt. <3
 Hope the money you wasted will go for charity....if no then you did a very wrong way of spending money. Very wrong.
 I know it's been said a lot on your profile already, but thanks for keeping the site up. It would probably be a lot crappier without your donation.
 Togami. You are Togami.
 wow i only have 20 bucks spare and you have 1000 lol you are great
 You have a heart of gold. Bravo to you for being so generous.
 Thanks for donating so much to this website without it i'd have no other to be happy about giving free stuff to people
 Thanks for helping the site out. I def don't have 1k in between the couch cushions tho
 Ignore the turds who are trying to disgrace you or w/e. I guess you're keeping this site online on your own, thanks buddy.
 What the fuck why did you donate 1000$ you could have bought about 50 Dildos with that money.
 African Children Dying of Starvation? Oh no, that is sad, I ish I could help! Website for digital Items? AGBZXCVFXD TAKE MY MONEY! No but serioulsy, you are great. Thank you so much for being generous to this amazing website and it's community. I have a lot of respect for you.
 It costs 1000 dollars to run this website... for twelve seconds...
 zat guy
 can i get items xD ?
 i miss the African children jokes on this profile
 How long has your record been standing?
 Quite the moneyman over here, you kept the site up for what I can only assume as multiple months single-handedly. Way to go!
 u r like f-ing rich, rn't u?
 wait a second, you donated 1k. that can't be right
 User has commented on your profile
 merci c'est cool
 Want to donate me items too :D
 Heyy Hall Of Gamer you want to donate me items? Please, it will be very helpful.
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 hey you give me hats tf2 bill lef 4 you
 2rich4me Needs moar comments
 So um.... You are like rich?
 not enough comments, here, have some more
 Those guy (Museage 2 shert)
 Thanks for keeping the site up
 how can we ever usurp your awe inspiring power of giving cash? By getting bill gates to donate.
 You're the reason this site still exists, and we hate you for it.
 You're probably one of the reasons this site has gone so long, thanks for that.
 dat guy
 Dis gai
 This guy
 That guy ­ ­
 this guy
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