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 :D nice raffles
 Me want it plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
 Thanks for the unusual! <3
 what is the effect
 overrated in chatroom, pls fix
 hey, sent your winning via trade request. sorry about that, i was away from internet and also lazy. anyways, enjoy!
 Thanks Swiss Psycho! =D You are as always right.
 "Fight Club" is probably the most coolest movie I've seen.
 Good music: Tupac - Changes DAYUM THE FEELS luv u brudda
 I DON'T SAY THAT! >:c im taking this and you're not getting any!
 Another cool guy here on tf2r, hellu C:
 Train nuker Psycho~
 Now I know what color you are gonna be :)
 You have to contact Reag since only developers can make new ranks.
 The only thing that would come to mind is "Psychopath" in a dark reddish color.
 You should ask for a custom rank since you donated $100.
 so how long left
 Happy Birthday!!
 I love your raffles, accept me on steam pls
 Nice donation.
 Hola hola, loadsadolla.
 Have a very positive comment! :D
 Have a positive comment c:
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