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 >Not knowing who bowie was. SMH SMH SMH
 S-senpai is so cool
 Again, chat's hottest
 Errur #404
 can u sit on my face?
 is this u irl
 Hey Rurre, my steam name is Change in Velocity. I don't know why but this website hasn't updated my name
 Hope Im not late for you birthday mister.
 ну а как вещь в тф 2 переслать
 What in the name of insanity are you doing?!
 Never football again.
 Cutest cutie on cutie chat.
 this is not feedback, but comment
 heyo cutie~
 sneaky mo'fo'/10
 I see what your saying.
 You don't like Gmod?
 c-can I erp in your profile comments t-too... (´・ω・`)
 -sniff- I-Is okay ;w;
 So mean ;w; -cries in a corner-
 Why no ;w;
 I removed like everybody I'm sorry, was dumb for awhile, I'm back though.
 Errur it's Beari or Bearrrrrrrrr if you remember me, miss you rip
 youre avatar is such a cocktease
 Can you have me green ratings yes? :) Very much thank
 Errur u meanie
 Errur is not able swim. Poor one.
 Вау, такой советский, много еррур ☭☭☭
 hi i won your raffle !
 how to start riffle
 pls add me ;_; i won ur raffle
 nice unusual halo ;)
 please and thank you
 u know thers someting rwrong wen u like FLATCHESTT
 rori (`・ω・´)
 Not sure why but I'll put a comment here.
 I can see you like sudden buttsex? >:3
 Thank you so much for that awesome raffle and the gameprize that came with it. :)
 More~ ❤
 i still haven't gotten my item from ( ? i know you said you would add the winners yourself. just curious :3
 Wow such russian much qt. Thank you ❤
 kill me
 At least I'll try it ^^ with less items. Hopefully you still know who I am ?!
 Sorry for the add, derp, I won the party phantom but deliver it on your time, not mine :D
 Those community raffles, may I even try to do those?
 Terribly sorry I haven't been on Steam to claim. I'll be on after I finish school today. Thanks for the massive raffle, can't believe I've finally won something again after all this time.
 May I add you now?
 Thanks for the raffle, its been a pleasure being in your raffles.
 Hello, thanks for that community raffle. I won the antlers, added you at first by mistake sorry bout that. Add me wheneverr you are ready.
 Oh right yeah. Just turn them into pixels then e-mail them to me.
 Thank you so much Kind Raffler best raffle in a while and congrats on hosting such a great raffle
 :D won a raffle now Im waiting the request :D 1st raffle win EVER
 What's a pen? If you're talking about the ones for writing i have a few here. But seriously wat
 Sorry for not reading ur instructions. Got carried away with winning. :3
 bunnie :3
 good sir/mam how do i collect my winnings from your previous raffles?
 I know man sry I wrote here before we talked on Steam. So sry once again :\
 I haven't my item yet :\ I won in your raffle but you didn't accept my invite
 he make the best raffle i've never see!!!! this guys is amazing!!!!
 May I even do that?
 1 question. Why is the time limit of your community raffle so big
 U RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 pliz pliz pliz pliz pliz pliz
 Rlly nice dude! Best I've ever seen!
 thx, you're a good guy
 Thanks for the big raffu.
 tros bien genial
 Cool Raffle Amazing :D
 o my gosh that is nice ;) ;) 434
 awesome terror. this is nice :3
  время, чтобы сделать ошибки ума
 Всем привет я новичок обьясните где что как :D
 Awesome Group and Raffle! ;)
 hdsajsdaudasajdakd kasjdiaq
 wow terror is really nice!!!
 привет ))))))))))))))))
 errur more like neutral
 Привет я новенький не обясните как что где если не трудно
 Ewwow be my bunny pls~ :)
 Happy belated birthday, friend! I've been extremely busy the past days, so didn'Hope you had a gr8 day.
 Happy Birthday :3
 Happy birthday. Hope you enjoy your day! Also, have wonderful days from this point on! :)
 Happy birthday Error!
 [insert spam]Happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday!
 please... No more... im still sore form the last time...
 Happy Birthday desu =3
 Happy birthday mate!
 you're a cool cat :]
 Happy Birthday!!
 You're rank is bad now.
 I love how your rank is still "Fuck" even with this adsense bullshit.
 ошибка a qte
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