To avoid spamming announcements in the steam group Reagy has gone and made a group for their streaming and giveaways.
Future of TF2R and our rebrand plans...
Also selling unusuals if anyone intrested.

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 aw cmon! i was fapped on this!
 Sorry for bother you Reagy, but wonder if you could add me on Steam? (since I know you reject being added), I want to ask you something since I did suggested Killing Floor on your Steam and that reminds me something.
 Please notice me senpai :(
 Wait does this mean I can possibly get a pretty color name?
 Hi Reags :3 Planning to donate a whole butt-ton of money toward tf2r, but I had a question. Mind adding me on Steam or accepting my request?
 I wanna don8 sum itumz :c
 the new peoples are like "**** this rule, i want sum itemz on this website"
 hope you're ok just heard about you getting robbed
 are you transgender reag
 Hahaha so many neg ratings
 I accidentally marked an X instead of a check on a raffle. Can it be changed? This is the raffle
 Whats the source of the music used on the error page? (from horo_confused.swf)
 Hai, if you have time, can you change my name color back to purple? ^^ kthx
 Are you a mod or somethin' if so, could you please delete my raffle ? I wanna wait until the traiding works normaly again
 Hey Reag. Is it ok for me to "ask" for donations for my 100th raffle like this: "I would really appreciate any help to make a bigger raffle so feel free to donate anything, every bit of help is welcome" If not just tell me, no problem, just wanted to make sure cause I feel like the 100th should be sth worty of raffling
 What's up Reagy, this is about "The Big One". I checked and everyone except for me has got their item, and I would like to receive mine sometime as well. I would love if you would get around to that as soon as possible, thanks in advance.
 I bet your tail isn't even fluffy
 3 more postives then negatives
 those negative and positive ratings
 What a scary profile image
 Hi Reagy, May I add you to ask something?
 That is an exquisite picture of Horo on your profile!! :3
 Gentle ~
 10/10 would raffle with again
 Hey, I need a time-date for my raffle, that it ends at second of may, and enough spots for everyone, and this music video; and here is the raffle;
 hey mate, its me again, just asking if the steam guard already stoped F$*(@& with you.....
 o noe ur rep is nat symetrikal
 ur a faget for embedding videos in chat
 I take to my price but i dont know how :D (Noob)
 rip in peace our dear developer rip
 Kinky profile pictures, 10/10 Why have only 64 bits? It's so common nowadays. I'd expect more from you, Reag, really.
 nijuu has crush in you
 will I be banned immediately when she logs in?
 Hi Reagy! My sister wants to join the awesome TF2R, but I'm afraid that would activate the ban for me since we have the same ip. How can I solve that? Can you friend me so we can talk about this? Also, I have questions about applying for a mod :p
 lol. thanks!
 when i will receive my hat from big one ? just askin
 Posted new feedback
 10/10 would touch fluffy tail.
 All my yet to be paid raffle "wins" in the notification areaare gone? Admitedly most if not all of these "wins" were never likely to be paid but would have been nice to have the record of them still?! Any chance they can be found and put back?
 k I go now, le doge
 How does your suggestive picture move? and why all these points???
 Came for the gif, what were you expecting?
 Damn Positive ratings, xD
 Just came here to see the moving gif. Pls gib
 can you give me item i won in the big one i never got it cause i was in spain
 lewd gif. leeeeeewd. Need two weeks and 10 000 slots, thanks!
 rude meanie reag pls no oppress
 Repurt for hekz!1
 i need hats plz help me:(
 super cute ~­­­­
 h-hi y-y-you're c-cute
 Its not real....
 Reagy, sorry you had to deal with this mess but I want to say thank you for what you did and for bring us back :)
 Source of profile gif?
 Very interesting way of using your developer powers B)
 reported for lewd
 what a lewd avatar
 Lewdest Horo
 I agree with Sleeps so lewd
 much lewd very bad such move aaa
 Oh god the avatar is moving it's the end
 Hey where is that avatar Gif from?
 holy... can you give the source of your avatar?
 oh god your avatar
 Gibe itums 2 meh (im joking)
 Hello, i won 1 ref metal trade me
 I won a hat, I get it?
 I have a item how i can get it?
 me you raffle................................................
 она всё решает
 wow that kinda sucks, u will lose all that stuff....srry... :(
 <3 I love u Developer
 (Not actually asking just making fun of the Beggers)
 I want everything you own ~Noob of 2014 (hehe)
 Why do all your pictures make the character look like she's in a compromising or dangerous/sensual situation o_o
 I want the hat PLis!
 Potato Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
 srry for bothering u, i just want ot say its an honor to meet a veteran at tf2...
 please close this raffle!
 how do you deal with the stupidity of beggers omg
 Thanks! For The Big One It Is Nice Of You To Donate All Those Items For Us! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
 Fuck You !!dfdfgdgfdgdgdgdgdgdfgdfgdfg
 как учяствовать????????
 ^_^ я хочу её
 I like Trains and tf2 hats i like trains but i like to a tf2 hat
 That picture is so cute! I love it.:3
 That picture is so cute! :D
 Reag is chocolate now.
 thanks but i don´t know how to use this page
 pleeesseeee give this for mee
 Hi it's my first raffle please can i win some items Мне бы одну из твоих охрененных вещей ,ты про=)
 gotta luv dat reagy <3 <3
 я хочу её
 i don't know if they are free
 hi XD'im new i realy want that ting XD
 ummm does anyone know how to loo at other raffles, all i can do is look at this
 lol nathan :3 it's his first time he saw a great raflle my friend :D
 Yap Yap. Thats Goooooooooooood!!!
 Nice i love this !!!
 Oh god... The comments around here...
 ыт явялешьяс йокус
 hi ure epic want tin cause its my first time
 i really need items im new here plzz let me win
 /scratch behind ear
 /touch fluffy tail
 can i have those stuff
 lol ma frends mika mika fo
 You are the best my kind women!
 You're the cutest girl I can think of.
 I can't add you to say thanks, but i can thank you here!Ha!
 you're a real buddy
 hello I here the first time also don't know as as but give me please things)))но если честно я нищеброд поэтому плиззз дай мне хотя бы одну вещь)))
 It's a great proof of usage of alt accounts here...
 In case you never realized, there are only about 10 Billion people on Earth...
  You have a total of Eighteen quintillion, four hundred forty-six quadrillion, seven hundred forty-four trillion, seventy-three billion, seven hundred nine million, five Negative ratings as well. But lets not mention those :3
 You have a total of Eighteen quintillion, four hundred forty-six quadrillion, seven hundred forty-four trillion, seventy-three billion, seven hundred nine million, five Positive ratings.
 only 4294967295? why not long int?
 Gimme Hug :3 also your the best, good picture...
 You're crazy. Just absolutely batshit insane. I like that.
 Ребятки вы лудшие!
 <3 <3 best admin NA <3 best website admin NA <3 best website admin NA
 I fucked your chinese cartoon wife
 If you don't give me a hug, I'll find your house and hug you instead. c:
 You the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 <3 your the best around
 Don't cry, that nasty ad block is gone now!
 Thunderstorm? THUNDERSTORM? Will I be...thunderstruck?
 ....I love you. <3
 I disabled adblock but I never got hug :'(
 What a wonderful neutrality you have there.
 i won something but i did not get it
 can i have a hug please :3
 I disabled it. Can I please get my hug now? *wink wink* :3
 thanks for the hug <3
 Hey I need you to ask something, can you please accept my friend request?
 your new pic is disturbing ;w;
 slut shaming
 best raffler of all time!
 Best Raffler of Christmas~
 Well hi and nice unusuals you got there i want to get in the raffle can i ?
 Is there a way I can PM you? I have a question? Add me if you read this please.
 extremely sexy amirite
 I must know what you are eating in the picture D:
 Merry Christmas and a happy new yeaar!
 Care to share some of whatever you're eating?
 New pic is disturbing oh
 merry christmas and happy new year
 Nice !! Merry Christmas and the happy new year
 What is the link of your Festive Female Scout background
 I like your picture
 Butts mate Dats some good stuff :D
 There is no way you could have gotten that high of negative and positive votes, that number is just absurd!
  where snow
 Music/10 best compatibility ever, would listen to again.
 Why do you have so much hate. :/
 Fap Stab Fap... and a happy new year...
 happy sisxmas wanka
 Hello. How are you?
 How lewd.
 hey nice raffles :D and whats the anime of your profile and raffles (the fox girl)
 :3 Your site's amazing!
 you need 1 more rep !
 I <3 YOU REAGY <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
 hi yes hello <3
 10/10 would fap.
 please please please i'm are you fan
 nice !looooooooool
 What a sexy profile pic.
 woah hotototototot
 I've got 99 problems but Horo is and never will be one.
  Men with skirts and panties are fine
 You know exactly what i'm talking about Silly
 horo pls moar lewdness
 aaaaaa y u do this to me ;-;
 11/10 would have sex with again
 r u a gril or wat?
 hi reag, i would looking to register for horobox but unable to use the email links that it suggests to send you info, just looking for some assistance :)
 Mastur haqur of GTA Online
 Hello Mr. Reagy, I would like to know if I could have permession to dress like your daughter, Minorin, for holloween and just holloween
 This person sucks.
 9/10 would cuddle with if given a chance
 aww that sucks >.<
 One word: Lewd.
 hey what ever happened to the hall of shame? it was funny reading the ban reasons sometimes x3
 Sorry for bothering you.... ;(
 Hi, on the info page the checkmark system explanation seems to have raffler/winner swapped.
 Well i noticed a potential vunerability in the url since anybody can really look at site code and find vunerabilitys and backdoors.
 Hey reagy can i please be beta tester for, i have already found a bug/vunerability just in the url.
 Meooooow Reagy c:
 Hey remember those Family Safe Policies you placed? Yeah maybe fucking follow them.
 Commenting here because I'm a massive faggot that likes big Reag cock.
 you just can't beat ntr
 heppy birdday reag :3
 Oh nevermind I know why your ratings are like that! Its because youre 2fst2quik rite?
 Happy Birthday. I hope that you have a wonderful day and that turning 21 can be seen as a positive thing for you. Its the start of some awesome years :D
 thank you for the raffle!
 Dude dafuq is going on with your ratings? Dont do drugs kids.
 happy b day reagy :3
 heppy early burfday reegy m8
 Happy Birthday!!! ❤❤
 I keep ending up on this weird page over and over again.
 *No1 not No.1 excuse me honor No.1 on the home page,please.
 i am jealous at your bodypilows
 Yay a new color, that's cool!! :D
 Just saying, that would be cool to have a special title for people who donated to, like other sites did with VIP perks. Just a suggestion ^^
 ♥ because of this and this
 Make an own profile page :)
 Follow your own rules.
 reagy means god in some language I made up.
 Best charlatan 2013
 confirmed for charlatan, +rep
 Hello Fat Demoman
 Hi Lafka.
 Hi Reag.            
 your nickname for me is still "gay"
 Massive faggot -rep
 you are haxor
 Diagnosis: uncontrollable wanning. I recommend you to watch Nyan Cat more often, mister.
 You are you? Some magical raffle machine thing?
 N-no you were not! i was first!
 Hi Lafka.
 ...Copycat, But a copycat with good taste.
 also known as a 0/0 haha n00b
 18 quintillion, 446 quadrillion, 744 trillion, 73 billion, 709 million, 551 thousand and 615 of rep :)
 The negative ratings are over 9000!
 add ricochet server please
 needs shitty killing floor servers too
 too much rep for me
 add csgo servers pls
 Hi (wtf, caracter limit of16?)
 hacku bannu repu tu highu,impossibru even du deverepru but whyu u do thisu,I hope you understand XD
 I just cant comprehend the ratings....
 omg u has so many negs u get bannu haha fag
 Not enough comments, here!
 I want to donate but do not have credit card. accept Pay Safe Card pin code?
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