To avoid spamming announcements in the steam group Reagy has gone and made a group for their streaming and giveaways.
Future of TF2R and our rebrand plans...
Also selling unusuals if anyone intrested.

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 rip paws, atleast he got married before he died... god speed...
 gib wedding pics???
 Congrats bud and guudluck for the marriage. Here some chickens :RogueChicken: :RogueChicken: :RogueChicken:
 hi paws, just wanted to big congrats on getting married. Really happy to hear that occurred, hope you and the mrs are very happy together and had a really special day! :)
 hi paws.
 great person and does great raffles deserves a good rank
 hey dont know who to ask but i have reached 1000 rep can i get that yellow name now plzzzzz thank you
 paws is dabes senior mod
 4 days and no delievery :(
  i won something but i did not get it
 i want this hat!!!!!!!
 Could you please end this raffle j3qoyq I accidentaly gave away items I raffled, when giving away whole my backpack.
 keep going with the good job :)
 cutey hauler pawsey~
 Hello, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if I could obtain permission for the following raffle: . I totally nub'd and forgot to ask before doing it. I recognize my rep's low, but the chance of me not delivering the items and doing what I say I'll do is low, considering I have a reputation to keep if I wish to keep on trading and I even have my real full name on my steam profile, so I'd be causing myself a lot of trouble by being anything less than totally honest. So yea, let me know if this is ok, thanks!
 Paws a qt
 cheerful human , Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday Paws! Hope you have a great day and enjoy it as it only comes once a year! ^^;
 happy birthday~
 Happy Birthday Paws!
 Happy Birthday Paws :D!
 happy birthday you kitty kat
 hey i think ur thing look cool
 awesome !!!! your profiele picture!!!!
 Good realy good
 items ME!!!REALLY!!!!!
 Get ready to go on a Date with the Winner
 Awesome profile pic.
 Hello Pawsaldo :3
 pawsy needs moar comments pls
 a say bear
 ack ze comments r gune
 Hi Paws.           
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