To avoid spamming announcements in the steam group Reagy has gone and made a group for their streaming and giveaways.
Future of TF2R and our rebrand plans...
Also selling unusuals if anyone intrested.

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 i have 25470 positive rating i think it's ok
 hi ace im sory ur handlign ur self wow gay y
 oh and btw sorry i kept removing u i guess that upset u or something...? (or maybe the comments i made in pubchat about trannies, idunno, but fyi i dont really have an opinion on crossdressers. i see it as a legitimate fetish and life style choice, unlike trannies) also i dont actually have any alt steam accounts. and lastly the comment i made on ur profile the 'nobody messes with the usa!' had no motive or meaning behind it. its just a random line from attack from mars, a pinball table i enjoy. thanks for calling me a piece of shit tho it really put our nonexistent friendship in perspective for me. and i really dont have any problems with u, the only reason i kept removing u and over and over is i didnt like to be reminded about tf2 and im always busy and we never talk and i feel guilty about never talking 2u.
 i heard you like to put on ladies clothes
 You aren't aces handler ;;
 ace more like autist♡
 Best deggle
 RIP ;_;7
 Even better at banning himself than the bird 2014
 love u ace
 A 21 Year Old Blue Ace
 happy birthdayy ~
 a lot of people like her. well can't conplaint then gg
 >liking klk >not watching moshit.
 Ace should have a cutest mod rank!
 Hiya! 3 days, no delievery and no response to friend request, but has been on steam!
 Hey Ace,I gave this account to my bro,his is not using ,If I win a raffle or deliver one ,can I deliver trough my original account?
 Her iz ma ne engrish teacharu :3
 Hey, Could I get 10000 raffle limit and 2 days, going to raffle miami nights fuka and prof collectors equalizer
 can you please close my raffle i didn't put the right items
 play arma with me :3 close this raffle
 jakuzure faf y kokz
 qt jakuzure
 attempted to gangrape a bunny. -rep
 not qt/10
 Ace is 2niceforany1 ace2nice4me
 Sorreh foar poopeh joke
 My name on this site seems to change continuously from ┘€₥♀₦$ ∩( ・ω・)∩ to Lem♀ns ∩( ・ω・)∩ in the chat room. Have any idea why?
 Ace, can you do me a favor and ban me for a week or two? Im not really wanted on this site right now, thanks.
 jet la jet
 May I get a donator rank? I've donated $10.46 total
 Hey, would you recommend joining the military? I ask because I have really considered it after having a difficult time with the major I chose for school and several of my cousins are in the military, I was really considering it.
 Ace, i have a question. if you accidentally post 2 raffles, what do i do?
 Great raffler! Makes awesome 24 hour crate raffles with max slots instead of those despicable bud raffles.
 It's cool, I was just a bit surprised it became an issue after all that time. Changed it.
 Are you for real? I've had this sidepic for at least 3 months.
 -___________________________________- tat face
 Yeah that was obvious, and at all that was my fault. There is too many douche's who try to steal accounts and items i report probably 6 and all of them get taged and banned. I always pay attention to weird links, but this time my spider sence went off.. Thanks to notice this situation, i hope everything return's to normal.
 Yeah i can read but after 9 h of school i'm to sleepy to advert 1-3 letters...Also bunch of peoples put up "steamcommunity" links, and chance of phising is 10 %. Also 3 more peoples get scammed, and price of all those items combined is around 275 $ (3 unsuals 25 keys etc)
 Yeah i do... that wasn't suspicious link as you can see. When i click phishing link pop up site that look like normal steam account with "+rep" "+rep" comments. I just click "ad friend" and next just log in.
 Really dont know how to say thanks to you!! I guess you are a genuine nice person.
 Hello generous moderator! Thanks for the awesome raffles btw.
 Hello, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if I could obtain permission for the following raffle: . I totally nub'd and forgot to ask before doing it. I recognize my rep's low, but the chance of me not delivering the items and doing what I say I'll do is low, considering I have a reputation to keep if I wish to keep on trading and I even have my real full name on my steam profile, so I'd be causing myself a lot of trouble by being anything less than totally honest. So yea, let me know if this is ok, thanks!
 Hi Felicity, how are you?
 I was wondering if I could get permission to advertise my group in a raffle. ( ). Its alright if thats not ok.
 You're my new favourite person
 love this icon!
 ace more like gayce :3
 Hey Ace,please close this ,i dont know why i posted it twice
 Think you should put up a picture of you:oooo
 This person deserves my first born son.
 Thank you again for that very generous raffle from earlier tonight!
 You "puzzle" me :3
 best tunnel participant! :)
 h-hi ace~
 thanks for the unusual!
 Thank you so much for that unusual raffle ;D!!!
 I like your face.
 H-How are y-you doing? :I
 The kindest loser and best poni I have ever met.
 The Raffler for life
 Thanks ACE♡! Thanks for raffle!
 Best. Raffler. EVA
 Thanks for the great raffle/raffles!
 Thank you! Also Wish me Luck! :D ACE!
 Aces items make me Jizz DAMN he rocks
 <3 أنا أحبك
 Everyone knows that Ace's ass is just ace, acebsolutely.
 *hug* I hope I get one back :3~
 Do we go to a server to do this raffle?
 Thanks Ace.     
 I really want to eat that neg...
 hi, i am new here. just started like a few days ago
 Thanks For The Raffle
 Hello Aceeee. :3
 ԅ(¯ิϖ ¯ิԅ)
 Thanks for the help!
 Are you the Ace of Hearts? Cuz you got a sexy booty~<3
 Even through all the comments and puns are wiped away, I always have an Ace up my sleeve to make new ones on profiles and raffles :3
 (This message has been deleted due to high amounts of profanity and lew pictures linked)
 This message contains profanity
 Hi Ace.            
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