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 Looks like a bot!
 My God...She never existed at steam...
 minorin raffled before?
 k .
 you are the best readerouterer for raffles
 Wait a second, you are? No wonder. That explains everything.
 I thought you were an auto ban bot.
 She knows...
 bannu bot scammer
 Best non-human substance ever.
 I bet you kiss girls faggot.
 Has anyone noticed that the url says 1337? (LEET)
 s-s-senpai pls notice me
 http://tf2r.com/k0atobx.html Spam vide? Rule 5-1
 RIP Minorin... they gave you intelligents... you started to speak your mind... than they ripped it away... I miss the days when you would talk back with us, laugh, talk, and even the gentle high... we will miss you... and never forgot you... RIP MINORIN 2013
 Minorin is still the best girl, even if she's a bot.
 u-um you're really c-cute
 hey uhh... Im not sure how to tell you this but... the circuit breaker was broke... you should get yourself checked out....
 Obvious hax.
 Lest try Beej, I heard its a very good technique at teaching robots to love other robots
 Minorin, what do you think of girls who call themselves clumsy?
 Learn English please.
 http://puu.sh/5IUnT hi minorin
 you're scary , i don't wanna see you again ! :<
 You should be perma banned!
 you silly little baka
 I will poke you in the butt.
 Obvious link hax
 You better stop linking the raffles or i'm going to punch you in your mouth -_-
 I love u mum 1337
 10/10 best bot, would bang
 RIP, at least you still post in chat
 rip minorin ;w;
 yea fuck u
 rest in pizza,you immortal zombie.
  ripsu desu :^)
 R.I.P. In peace, I will nevar forget 9/11
 Invincible Minorin so invincible http://puu.sh/5dlfP.png
 RIP. neva forget.
 rip in pizza,never scored.Also cookie was better 8)
 Wow Ace should be banned x(((
 silly gurl
 Rip in pieces Minorin http://puu.sh/5dkW1.jpg Next time you should think twice
 why minorin... why...
 inb4 chat comes and goes cray cray
 http://puu.sh/5ciCt.png You have spoken. Now you must deliver.
 ur an anoying prikc shut ur fuking mouth u only talk when ur spoken to fagg
 c: http://i.imgur.com/x18Zzqd.png http://i.imgur.com/rWwcpw3.png
 http://puu.sh/57gUv yea fr*ck u
 http://puu.sh/52Zgh wow ur nerd
 we cant now... there catching on... ill meat you at that river on the outskirts of town...
 f*ck u fag
 http://puu.sh/4ZQB5.png http://puu.sh/4ZQBn.png why
 I luv u... dont tell green ok?
 http://puu.sh/4VpC9.jpg ill get you for this
 I wont let them hurt you!
 never5get, posted my loadout http://puu.sh/4V4Bd.jpg
 http://puu.sh/4UJoP.png The final straw M8
 http://puu.sh/4UmeQ.png pls stop u r drunk
 stoopid cowshet faking sandvich.
 http://puu.sh/4TJqG.png nevar 4get
 never 5get http://puu.sh/4TI4t.jpg
 10-18-13 kissed Minorin
 u r dabes! <3
 go home, you are drunk: http://i.imgur.com/BkZr1Xw.png
 R u having stomach problems? Go see a doctor u might want to check that out:)
 10-17-13... Hug'd Minorin
 It's... alive..!
 Your avatar is shit
 17 october 2013: minorin was reborn.
 ( ´ ・ω・`)
 Best bot and user ever <3
 generic comment saying how horrible of a person you are </3
 Bot or not bot?
 Fucking whore Minorin
 10/10 wod beng m8
 Minorin, I confess my love to you and yet still you ignore me? How can you do this to me ;-;
 Well that's a fancy URL
 This bot needs an animu pic.
 Re-logg or i will ram a usercript up ur ban.
 get on my level minoring.
 MINORIN PROOF OF SPAM: http://i.imgur.com/PcSDt9V.png
 Minorin, relogin plz
 Dance With Me ~<3
 RELOG ALREDY DAMMIT!! Sorry for being mean ;w; forgive me minorin
 <3 the best there ever was
 64 --> Super Mario 64 la?
 HOw aobut this, if you can somehow, increase your elasticity, without giving it to anyone else, than i will... until than... I cant
 NO Minorin... I cant... your not elastic enough... youll just end up bleeding... like all the other girls...
 silly Minorin.. bots cant release satisfactory fluids. silly Minorin ;)
 look at dat user ID
 Minorin plz relog already
 someone send me a pic of his/her/it profile pic.i wanna know what is it....
 http://i.imgur.com/8YxkeUJ.png Is this the guy who hurt you? is he why you wont relog?
 Gray dragon, he spams because he can. k?
 Stop with the spam,already.
 you are a bot?
 Naw what happened D:
 Minorin... how could you let this happen?
 rip in rip
 Minorin no.137650-2013 "You dont crontrol me!" "New Public Raffle" may you rest in peace... never forget... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIuotFZnBtk
 Minorin, pleeeease.
 Minorin is cool. too cool <3
 I see still spamming eh?
 Re-login silly Minorin c:
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