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Title: Im so goddamn happy

Message: I rarely buy games, but when i do, i buy the masterpieces. Most of latest NFS were shit, but not the one i just bought, in fact its on of the best NFS i ever played beside first Underground, all thanks to Criterion (Burnout series is still ?1 for me). Sorry i can't raffle a copy of it for you guys, i spent my last moneh on my own, but if you can, suggest you go and buy it if you haven't already: 1 per winner, 100 rep req on each item. Now off to crush some Cops' Veyrons :DDDD
Time left: 00h 00m 00s Winning chance: 20%
Entries: 1701/2010
Start date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 20:19:30 +0200
End date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 16:20:02 +0200
Positive ratings:
- 23248 +
Negative ratings:
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